Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday Trivia

1. What major league sports team(s) did Ted Turner own?

2. In what sport did Ted Turner first win a championship?
a. Hawks basketball
b. Braves baseball
c. Yacht Racing
d. Ostrich Racing

3. MASH surgeon BJ Honeycutt - what did the initials BJ stand for?
a. Benjamin Johnathan
b. Barry James
c. Beauregard Jeremiah
d. Eugene
e. Whatever you want

BONUS: What was the name if the novel BJ was reading that had the last page of the novel missing?
Catcher in the Rye
Of Mice and Men
The Rooster Crowed at Midnight

DOUBLE BONUS: What did BJ do to find out the ending?

MORE BJ: Where did BJ live?
a. Boston MA
b. Mill Valley CA
c. Chicago IL
d. Macon GA

4. In the late 1970's my hometown (Macon GA) had a minor league hockey team. What was its name?
a. Flames
b. Thrashers
c. Bruins
d. Whoopees

BONUS: what was their fight song?

5. Pete Rose played minor league baseball in Macon. What was the name of Macon's original minor league baseball team?
a. Peaches
b. Lookouts
c. Crackers
d. Barons

6. Who has the most successful career sacrifice bunts for a left-handed pitcher?
a. Lefty Grove
b. Warren Spahn
c. Tom Glavine
d. Randy Johnson

7. Who has the most successful career sacrifice bunts for a right-handed pitcher?
a. John Smoltz
b. Cy Young
c. Walter Johnson
d. Greg Maddux

8. How many home games are the Braves scheduled to play this year at Turner Field?

9. Who gained more yards as a professional: Emmitt Smith or Herschel Walker?

BONUS: Which gained more yards as a collegian?

10. How did the Ryerson offices and warehouses come to be located here at 4400 Peachtree Industrial Blvd?

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