Wednesday, October 24, 2018

RIP Officer Toney

Today’s funeral motorcade for the slain Gwinnett County police officer came right in front of our building on Peachtree Industrial, so dozens of employees went out to pay our respects.
After a short wait about two hundred police motorcycles roared past, followed by the hearse and over 800 police cars, from around the state and beyond. I didn’t start counting for a long time, then counted six hundred. 

The motorcade stretched out for over 45 minutes. Three or four helicopters, including a low flying police copter. Since traffic was stopped we crossed over to the median in the middle of the road.
We held photocopies of the officer’s badge, and in recognition many of the police cars flipped on their sirens. It was quite a sight.  

Do you keep track of all the books that you read? A few years ago I started tracking what I’ve read, and I’m just now hitting 400 books read. Connie Morris is my friend on Goodreads. She’s read 895 books. Bruce’s friend Frank Tait reads deep spiritual books, and just passed eight hundred.  
Finishing up my book on the 1996 Mount Everest disaster “Into Thin Air.” Several died when an expected blizzard hit with three expeditions near the summit, including two experienced expedition leaders. Next up are three more books: Mere Christianity by CS Lewis, A Carlin Home Companion by George Carlin’s daughter Kelly, and Tom Hanks’ first book of fiction, read by the author. George Carlin’s first comedy partner was George Burns.
Saturday night I watched a good chunk of Lakers/Rockets, but missed the altercation. I did see a clip of some old guys playing two on two against a pair of ribs. The ribs were pushing more than that guy for the Lakers.
My weekend: left work around 5:45 Friday evening. Picked up Ceil and went over to pray over our friends Lee and Nancy, who leave today on an overseas mission trip. Got home around 8:30.
Saturday morning small group. Then I gassed up the car, stopped by the library and Goodwill and Taco Bell. Anna came home Saturday afternoon, then she went with C and M to Whole Foods, Ulta, and Perimeter Mall. I took a nap, cleaned the kitchen, and watched Clemson/NC State.
Big supper of Mexican fixings with M, C, and A. C and A watched Princess Diaries 2 while I played on my laptop.
Sunday morning I drove to Macon. Went to the 11 am service with my dad. Then to Applebee’s with both parents. My mom’s tomato soup and grilled chicken parmesan. I saw your whiskey burger on the menu but ordered chicken tenders. The chicken was heavily battered and overcooked, arriving brown and crunchy instead of golden and crispy. Just now realizing they forgot to bring out the cole slaw. Heavy traffic on the way home. So full I didn’t stop for supper. Arrived home at 8:30. Had a bowl of Ceil’s potato soup.             

Monday: worked until six. M had gone done to hang out with W&MC. They made applesauce. Ceil made vegetable soup. Also tossed salad.
Watched The Voice and The Neighborhood. I love the actors on The Neighborhood, but the stories aren’t that great. Saw a little of Manifest but went to bed.
Tuesday: worked until six. Usually several work late but not last night. Renee was at the food bank with Rodney, Eric, Shane, and Jhannio. Tube lady left for an early dinner. Brad was in Lavonia. Rachel had stayed late on Monday.
Ceil was posting grades so I picked up a pie from Pizzeria Lucca in Roswell. Watched the gubernatorial debate. Three candidates. Kemp just isn’t a good comfortable speaker. Maybe he was being careful. I know lots of people who could’ve done better. When he wasn’t espousing the benefits of hemp to the state of Georgia, the Libetarian kept tossing softball questions to the other two, encouraging them to badmouth the other.
M was at his art class. Watched some of The Voice, This Is Us, and the World Series. People talk about Kershaw’s struggles in the postseason, failing to mention how many runs were allowed by the relievers who came in and failed to pitch out of the jam they’d inherited – like last night. Perhaps they should’ve left Kershaw in the game. Granted his injures have reduced the Texan to a lesser pitcher than he was.
Also all night long on ESPN they were running a show called “Basketball Stories.” Segments on the Celtics/Suns overtime game in the Finals between Hondo and Paul Westpaul. Interviews with the principals, like Don Nelson and Havilchek. Other segments included John Wooden, Pat Summitt, Bill Walton, Magic Johnson, etc. I should’ve emailed you.
The $1.6 billion Mega Millions jackpot was won by someone in South Carolina. Maybe it was one of Ceil’s relatives.
This year my company has an initiative for all locations to serve their community. The guidelines specifically exclude religious organizations. The week is my Norcross office’s week to serve. Small groups of people are serving at different times and organizations throughout the week. Thursday night I’m sorting food with four coworkers at the Atlanta Food Bank just west of Georgia Tech, west of The Optimist on Joseph Lowry Blvd. Near Grace Midtown Church. Might stop by the Varsity on the way.
Tech got four sets of new basketball uniforms, one of which reads WRECK on the front.

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