Monday, October 22, 2018

Week 8 Football Recap

So many football players these days are out of control. They commit the penalty, be it pass interference or targeting, then hold their hands out as if they can't believe it was a penalty. They forget out everyone at home can clearly see the infraction on the replay. Hate how fans cheer as the player leaves the field. He made a dumb play and jeopardized the team's chances of winning. Kinda like the country we're living in right now.

Then there's the visiting Michigan player on the Michigan State field long before the game. You probably saw it. The Spartans were walking from the goal line to midfield in a line stretched from sideline to sideline, like they do before every home game. The Michigan player went across midfield to the Michigan State side of the field, way down past the 40 yard line to break through the Spartan line. Then the Michigan player scuffed up the Spartan logo at midfield. How childish, immature, out of control.

Why do I review the quarterback ratings? To show how overhyped certain players are. Several were hyped as pre-season Heisman candidates, then more often then not come up short in big games.

The national press loves to rave about Penn State's quarterback. This year that would be Trace McSorley. The Nittany Lions have failed to live up to expectations. This past week once again McSorley struggled for three quarters before Penn State narrowly won.

Before undefeated #16 NC State squared off against #3 Clemson announcers Todd Blackledge and Sean McDonough sang the praises of Wolfpack QB Ryan Finley. The 25 year old sixth year senior had transferred two times to find a school where he could play. Finlay came into the game with an impressive top five TQBR, but thanks to the tenacious Clemson defense and his own over-rated receiving core, Finley wasn't helped by is receivers, who kept dropping passes. Blackledge criticized them on air - a rare event.
Either NC State was over-rated or Clemson is starting to show their stripes. Freshman sensation Trevor Lawrence had another good game, his best so far. The Tigers should cruise to the playoff.

Another Heisman contender bit the undefeated dust: Haskins' Buckeyes were routed by unranked 3-3 Purdue. Haskins threw for 470 yards in defeat, but his Heisman hopes took a hit.

Now the national media pins its hopes on Notre Dame and Michigan. The Irish squeaked by Pitt in a game called significant by the press, who downplayed undefeated UCF's more decisive victory over the same Panthers. Michigan has only lost to Notre Dame, but the Irish aren't as good as Ohio State. Plus after Saturday's pre-game dust-up in East Lansing, expect old lady karma to come crashing down on Jim Harbaugh's head.

Auburn righted the ship against Ole Miss, as QB Jarrett Stidham tries to resurrect his NFL draft prospects. Someone will pick him. Lets hope it isn't the Falcons.

Both ESPN College Gameday and the SEC Network will have their pregame shows live from Jacksonville, a first. Neither network will air the game. Florida will be wearing white helmets. The Dawgs path to the national championship: (1) win out, (2) LSU beats Bama, (3) UGA beats LSU in the SEC Championship Game. You heard it here first.

This week two pretesting NFL players met with NFL executives, and the NFL agreed to pay millions to the organizations of the protester's choice. Then Sunday one of the two protesters did not kneel for the national anthem, and the other did kneel. Then the kneeler went berserk, calling the non-kneeler a sellout.

Something that gets me is when the punting team doesn't give the return man enough room to field the punt, and a penalty is called on the punt team. Or when the return team roughs the kicker. Or when the punt returner catches a punt inside the ten yard line instead of letting the ball bounce into the end zone.

In the Chicago / New England game, after a Bears field goal the Patriot kickoff return man fielded a kick in the end zone and ran it out. He got hit and fumbled the ball. The Bears recovered and scored a touchdown. On the next kickoff the same return man fielded the kick five yards deep but still ran it out. He was tackled on the 15 yard line. The Patriot running back Sony Michel injured his knee and fumbled. He appeared to be down but replays were inconclusive. The Patriot defense, on the field for a third straight Chicago possession, committed two third down penalties, resulting in first downs and another Chicago touchdown. New England still came back to win the game.

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