Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The New Bobby Jones

For the next two months Will is working at the newly renovated Bobby Jones Golf Course on Northside Drive in Buckhead. 
The course was converted from a 18 hole course to nine fairways, each with multiple tee boxes and greens. 
One day you play the course forward, then the next day you play it backward.
I only played the old course once or twice, and that was years ago.

Monday: work started slow but kept getting busier throughout the day. Left at 6:45. May have to go to Augusta this week to take physical inventory.
Ceil tossed a salad and cooked stir fry for supper. Watched The Neighborhood, The Voice, Last Man Standing, the Wicked the Musical Halloween Special. M came home from work with an El Porton to go order and watched Wicked about the same time C went to bed.
680 am Steak Shapiro error of the day: Steak said Sports Illustrated picked the Chargers to go to the Super Bowl. That is incorrect. In fact SI picked the Steelers to go to the Super Bowl. Not that Steak could give a like if he’s accurate, as long as someone is talking about him.
I really want to read that Clinton book. I’m not super technologically advanced. That’s why I am still listening to books on CD. Ceil has an app on her phone that allows her to check out books from the library and have her phone read the books to her. I need to get that for me.
My latest books (have I told you this already?): Mere Christianity by CS Lewis (deep), a book about comedian George Carlin written by his daughter (his first partner was George Burns), and Tom Hanks’ first book of short stories.
Jerseys it would be fun to have:
1976 Braves home red pinstripe (42) Patterson or (56) Bouton.
Braves Hawaiian shirt.  
1972 blue Atlanta Hawks retro shorts with green and white trim XXL from Amazon Prime.
Mustard yellow Georgia Tech throwback #21 Calvin Johnson jersey with “UCLA” black white black shoulder stripes. No one sells this and would have to be ordered special.  No name on back.
1980 red UGA home jersey with block number 34 Walker (with the two thin black sleeve stripes sandwiching a thicker white stripe).
2018 red UGA 98 Blankenship jersey.
Not the 1982 Braves home jersey or powder blue road jersey. They’re nice, but China rarely gets them right. I’d rather have a 35 Niekro or 5 Horner than a 3 Murphy.  
Baseball: soon they’ll give out the postseason awards. Acuna should win ROY. Freeman will contend for MVP.
The NBA has relaxed restrictions on the shoes players can wear. Now they can wear any color they want. For Halloween I’m going trick or treating as a NBA player. I’m wearing a different pair of shoes at every house.
With the Mavericks in town the two rookies Trae Young and Luka Doncic contrasted with old-timers Vince Carter and Dirk Nowitzki.

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