Thursday, October 18, 2018

The Rest of the Story

At the 1968 Olympics as golf medal winning / world record setting Tommie Smith protested on the medal stand, he prayed the Lord’s Prayer and listened to the national anthem. He said “because that’s a powerful thing, hearing that anthem knowing how many people died so that belief could remain a part of America.” Good article about fellow protester John Carlos and him in Sports Illustrated. The two are polar opposites, former college teammates at San Jose State still living within twenty minutes of each other in Stone Mountain. Later both tried pro football, but neither appeared in a regular season game.
Is the new show The Neighborhood a show about nothing? I can see George Constanza pitching this week’s episode to network executives: “What did you do today?” “Well I gave my neighbor the key to my house.” George: ”There’s a show!”
It doesn’t matter where you go to church if you don’t show love and care for your family. As Ceil and I transition to empty nesters and near retirement, just as important as Biblical teaching and pertinent worship is to surround ourselves with people we can share life with, to minister and be ministered to. At some point everyone needs help from their community. God uses me to help when others are in need. Eventually Ceil and I will be the ones in need.
Tuesday: fixed a $20,000.00 problem. Took a good chunk of the day. Still got a $12000.00 problem I’m working on.
Worked past six. Bought Halloween candy on the way home. Healthy dinner: chopped vegetables topped with tomato sauce that had more vegetables. Also tossed salad. Watched The Voice, some of the Red Sox/Astros and Dodgers/Brewers. Went to bed at ten.   
Wednesday: crazy busy day. Problem after problem. When someone asks me for help with a problem, I try to help. Just because someone has been trained doesn’t mean they can figure things out like a 30 year employee can. It takes time away from my regular job, but sometimes peoples have to jump through hoops for me. Today not many people were jumping through hoops for me. Today the rats won the race.
Fixed a simple tag problem that others didn’t know how to fix. Then they thought it happened again. Everyone thought it was another error. It wasn’t. Helped a guy yesterday and made it simple for the order it ship. Had to go from his building down the road to my building then ship to Augusta. Same thing happened today. Showed how I got mine shipped but he did it another way.   
Worked past 6:30. At Chickfila I cashed in my phone app for a free large soft drink, free large fries, and a free salad – over $6.00 in free food. Watched Chicago Med and some of the baseball playoffs. Went to bed at ten.

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