Thursday, October 25, 2012

Trivia Day Four

1. Who is the last American League pitcher to lose 20 games in a season TWICE? 
...Nolan Ryan…all-time strikeout king, now owns the Rangers
...Wilbur Wood…White Sox knuckleballer…lost 20 in 73 and 75, but won 20 or more FOUR straight years, from 71 to 74.
...Mike Maroth…Detroit Tigers…who everyone by Callie answered. I’d never heard of him!
...Mickey Lolich…Detroit Tigers World Series hero
Once again, Callie was the only one to get the baseball question right.

2. Former Cy Young Award winner Barry Zito started Game One of the World Series last night for the San Francisco Giants. Zito has a history of being a flake, though he may have matured in recent years. What actor, who recently reprised his most famous role in an updated version of his iconic TV series, is Zito’s uncle?
...Larry Hagman…the evil J.R. Ewing on Dallas (Who shot JR?)
...Patrick Duffy…JR’s brother Bobby Ewing
...Tom Selleck…Magnum PI (also on Friends)
...David Hasselhoff…before Baywatch starred in Knight Rider.

BONUS: What was (is) the name of the TV show? Dallas. Buck & Josh knew.

3. What Ryerson Norcross employee appeared in a scene with Dennis Quaid in the movie “The Rookie”?
...Bobby Rogers (blue ridge)…see below.
...Paul Payne (whse mgr)…a likely choice
...Damon Santimauro (tubing mgr)…played baseball at Kennesaw
...David Murphy (trivia wiz)…I fooled everyone!

While training the Ryerson Dallas district on the AS400, Bobby Rogers and I (& Bham’s Rick Ross) visited the Texas School Book Depository, Six Flags over Texas, and the Texas Rangers on dollar dog nite (ARod just missed hitting for the cycle). I went to another game, and sat a few rows behind the third base dugout. During the 7th inning stretch the scene was filmed where Dennis Quaid trots in from the bullpen to make his major league debut. The cameraman ran along next to Quaid, then circled the mound…so I was in the crowd shot. Was that as bad as a Jimmy story?

4. What Nickelodeon show did Jim Parsons (aka Sheldon Cooper) recently appear on?
...iCarlyeveryone but Josh got this one. HOW?
...SpongeBob…classic television
...Victorious…the dumb redhead cracks me up
...Good Luck Charlie…trick: not on Nick!
DAVE”S FUN FACT: All four are fine shows!

5. Match the Big Bang character with the superhero costume he wore to the New Year’s Eve party at the comic book store:
Sheldon…the Flash
Leonard…Green Lantern. Leonard had been Superman the year before.
Ashley knew Penny went as Wonder Woman
Mike knew Penny’s hunky (but dumb) boyfriend was Superman
FUN FACT: This episode was on last night!

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