Friday, October 19, 2012

2012 NFL Helmet Rankings

Most NFL helmets look pretty good. Few don’t look good. Many have not changed in many years. For the most part, this is a good thing. Grey facemasks help make a helmet look great: it doesn’t take away from the look. If the mask is the same color as the helmet, that’s almost as good. White facemasks are ok. But dark colored masks on lighter helmets are the worst.

ARIZ…big bold bird, grey mask
INDsimple horseshoe. Grey mask
DAL…simple star. Grey mask
OAK…iconic logo. Grey mask
BUF…simple helmet. Grey mask

KC…iconic logo. White mask ok
NYG…simple NY logo. Grey mask
CLE…grey mask
SF…busier logo ok. Nice stripes. Grey mask
WSH…yellow mask has been around awhile, grey would be better

PITT…iconic logo. Black mask matches helmet
SEA…distinctive hawk logo. Blue mask matches helmet
STL…iconic horn logo. Navy mask matches helmet
MIN…iconic horns. Purple mask matches helmet
ATL… streamlined bird in flight. Black mask matches helmet

BALT…good-looking bird. Black mask matches helmet
DEN…generic horse. Navy mask matches helmet
HOU…generic cow. Navy mask matches helmet
CHI…generic C looks better white than orange. Navy mask matches helmet

JAX…black mask matches helmet
CIN…tiger stripes stand out. Black mask just ok
TB…unique color, good look. Black mask just ok  
NO…nice logo & stripes. Points off for black mask
GB…iconic G and stripes. Points off for green mask
NYJ…iconic helmet. Points off for green mask: white or grey would be better

NE…red mask just ok, grey would be better
MIA…iconic look. Aqua mask: grey or white would be better
CAR…ugly pointed stripes. Black mask: grey would be better.
DET…points off for black mask, ugly skinny stripes, & updated lion.
PHIL…dislike the changed wing. Black mask. Could be better
SD…Bolt too busy. Navy mask: white or grey would be better
TEN…ugly pointed stripes. Points off for navy mask: white or grey would be better

White (6), Silver (5), Black (4),
Blue (3), Navy (3), Gold (2), Orange (2).
1 = Purple, Yellow, Pewter, Red, Burgundy, Green

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