Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Franklyn: Brush With Greatness

In the 60’s my dad was an original Falcons season ticket holder. He had season tickets for about the first ten Falcons seasons. Before games we would go down to the field level and watch the Falcons come out on the field and warm up. My little brother was small, cute, and blond-headed. Norm Van Brocklin began to notice that he was there for every game, and started to call him “my little buddy.” Then one summer we went up to the Falcons training camp at Furman University. When Van Brocklin saw my brother, he took him out on the field during the practice.

In 1967 we went to a Braves game, and the fans were allowed out on the outfield. The Braves players were spread out so fans could take pictures of them. My little brother had on a wool Braves uniform, which was rare back then. Joe Torre grabbed my brother, and the photo was snapped.

Friday I drove two co-workers to Augusta to take physical inventory. Neither had been before, so they were given tours of the plant. The Ogre was anxious to get the inventory going, so I got the Augusta workers organized into three teams, and we knocked out the count real quick. Then we tracked down the stragglers, and were back on the road before 2:30. Ate a late lunch at Moes, got stuck in some construction traffic near Madison, and didn’t get back to the office until 6:30.

Drove down to Macon Saturday morning to see my parents, and did some yardwork. Drove back home in time to see LSU beat SC, and see some of the Yankee game. At work there are several Yankee fans, so its always fun to think up digs at the Yankees.

Did laundry on Sunday, and drove down to PCC later that afternoon.

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