Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Anna’s cousins dragged her to “Scarowinds”…probably like Six Flags fright fest on steroids. She wasn’t thrilled. A and M seem to be weaning off the Disney Channel. A likes the X Factor (Simon is much nicer) and M likes the Jonas reality show on E!. Now that the Braves aren’t on, I rarely get to pick. Rented “The Five Year Engagement”, which was good. Perhaps a little bit better than the typical romantic comedy…there was a little bit of weirdness to it. Also watched “Maid of Honor” since I like Patrick Dempsey and Michelle Monaghan.

In Macon my dad said some store was selling O’Reilly’s Lincoln and Kennedy books BOGO. Hopefully he’ll get them and hand them down to me. I may be on the waiting list for the Lincoln book at the library. By the end of the week I’ll start on the Stephen King book “Faithful”…about the Red Sox.

Monday night I was still exhausted from the weekend. Didn’t get much of a nap Sunday afternoon. Got home and sat down on the bed while changing clothes, and fell asleep. Later on I fell asleep on the couch. Another day without exercise. Monday Will and MC celebrated their second anniversary of dating.

One of the Yankee fans may have grown up in the northeast, but the other is from South Georgia. When he mentioned last week that the baseball season was just starting, I replied that it had just ended.

The infield fly rule states that runners may advance at their own risk. I suppose runners must tag up if the ball is actually caught. Wild Card Game…typical MLB. When the wild card play in game was set up, it was determined that the winning wild card team would host division series games 1&2, and their opponent, owners of the league's best record (even if that team is in the same division as they wild card team) hosts games 3, 4,& 5 (if necessary). Only later did it occur to MLB that the team with the best record might be down 0-2 before they host a home playoff game. So they changed it. Not for this year, but starting next year.

The Falcons draw play: I didn’t see that particular goal line play, but I did see what sounds like a similar play earlier in the game. It didn’t happen on the goal line or in a short yardage situation, but it did seem like a good play…kind of like a draw play, with a different twist. That play wouldn’t work well in a short yardage situation in the middle of the field, but on the goal line it might, since teams often run play action passes. What I hate about plays like that is that the running back just stands there, then is handed the ball, and has to start running without a head start. Those kinds of plays rarely work.

I remember back when Lenox had the PO boxes, and a Colonial grocery store. Two or three times a year I would have to come up to a doctor’s office in Lenox Square for my allergies. Several things are turning 50 this year, like the James Bond series.

Most everything I write I later send via email to my blog, and post it on line. A few people read it, like my parents, sister, Lang, Don Head, and several others. It’s easy to go back and pick a random month and year to see what I was writing about back then. You can search by topic (Braves) or by any word. I think the key is to post often. It doesn’t have to be every day, but at least once a week at a minimum. Posts can be short…too long would be bad. It’s not too hard. I just send an email, then go to my blog on line and post it. It even has the option to automatically post any email you send to the blog. has simple, easy to follow instructions.

Warehouse clubs…seems like you have to buy such huge portions of stuff, so they just get eaten faster. Ceil likes Costco, but we haven’t been members for a while. Seems like meat is a good deal, but she never bought meat there. Clark Howard must like them for the TV prices and pharmacy.

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