Wednesday, October 17, 2012

2012 NFL Uniform Rankings

My annual ranking of the NFL uniforms (not helmets).
Includes a description of the team’s throwback uniform, and main colors.

NYG…look great every week (blue & red)
WSH…look great PLUS an older throwback (burgundy & yellow)
CHI…unique throwback (navy & orange)
KC…every week great look. Honored Texans last year (yellow & red)
IND…great look. Had an older throwback a few years ago (blue)
SF…every week great look (red & gold)
DAL…look great every week PLUS an older throwback (silver & blue)
OAK…every week great look (black & silver)
BUF…look great...except the collar, plus an actual throwback (blue & red)
PITT…unique throwback, plus every week great look (black & yellow)
NE…great red, white, and blue stripes on Pat Patriot throwback (blue & red)
GB…great throwbacks. Need to lose neck stripes (green & yellow)
CLE…every week great look (orange & brown)
NYJ…classic but needs grey masks. Had a throwback a few years ago.
TEN…none…could use Oilers throwbacks (blue & baby blue)
TB…brave to wear their creamsickle unis (red & pewter)  
DET…several options, usually the plain look (columbia blue & silver)
SEA…could have a great throwback (blue & lime)
PHIL…have experimented with several throwbacks (black and green)
CIN…none, though several options to choose from (orange & black)
BALT…none (black and purple)
CAR…none (black, silver, and teal)
MIA…had a nice striped throwback in the past (aqua and orange)
SD…have thrown back in past. Current uni ok (powder blue, navy, yellow)
DEN…had a throwback a few years ago (orange and navy).
STL…fans love the old royal blue and yellow (navy & gold)
MIN…great stripes and grey masks (purple & yellow)
JAX…none. (black and green)
HOU…none. (red and navy)
ARIZ…could have a great throwback…several options (red and black)
ATL…1966 throwbacks, striped socks (red & black)
NO…great stripes on sleeves and socks (black & gold)

BONUS: Number of teams wearing a particular color:
Black (9), Red (9), Blue (7), Navy (5), Orange (5),
Yellow (4), Silver (4), Gold (3), Green (3)
Powder/Baby Blue (2), Teal (1), Lime (1)
Aqua (1), Jags green (1), Pewter (1), Brown (1)

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