Thursday, October 25, 2012

Travelin' Man

Busy day off Wednesday. I was going to vote, but there was only one location open (until today), and it was way over past the Marietta Square.

Left at 9 am, and stopped by Kroger for shipping envelopes. Drove to Athens, browsed at Goodwill, grabbed a Taco Bell burrito. Met Martha, our friend’s daughter, and picked up her laundry to take to her mother. I was still early, so I went to the Varsity to use the restroom. Felt like I needed to buy something, so I got a large chocolate shake in a UGA schedule cup…it about made me sick.

Will did well on his two tests that morning. It took some time to hang the bike rack on my car, so it was almost one before we left.

While he was hanging the bike rack, he had me go back inside to get his Delta ticket. That meant I’d have to have someone let me in his locked dorm. I happened to be following a little freshman coed, and she let me in. Guess I didn’t look too threatening.

Made it to the airport around 2:45, so he made his 4:05 flight to Oklahoma City. That meant I drove through downtown and up past the Cobb Energy Center just an hour before Republican VP candidate Paul Ryan’s motorcade shut down that very route. My neighbor was livid…she left downtown at 5 pm, and didn’t get home until after 7:30.

As soon as I got home I had to take Matthew to an appointment on the other side of the Marietta Square. That didn’t take long, so we swung by the polls just after 4:45. The line was too long to wait. Treated M to Taco Bell, swung by a thrift store & Publix, and picked up a photo at Mt Paran North. An efficient six stop trip.

Blew the driveway, talked to the neighbor (Tigers in six), and watched a little of the Series. SF remains hot. Wonder if the Tigers cooled of while waiting on the NLCS to end.

Matthew cooked dinner: Mexican chicken soup, with baked tortilla strips.
Saw on Facebook that Bryan’s movie is running test screenings in Warner Robins.

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