Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Good Schultz column on the differences between GT and UGA. On one hand, its remarkable that GT competes as well as they do with UGA, which isn't much. GT fans really don't think out the disparity between the two schools. On the other hand, if schools like Stanford, Duke, and Notre Dame can field good teams, you would think GT would be able to as well.

Major differences/disadvantages for GT:
…Lack of easier curriculum for athletes.
…Campus situated in the downtown of one of the largest cities in the US.
What other school has both those things going against them? 

I like Buck Belue, but he enjoys arguing with Kincaid so much that it takes away from the show. They already got bounced from their prime drive time spot. Listeners in the northeast love the arguing, but people are different in the south. 

Chuck and Chernoff may disagree, but they don't bicker. Chuck Oliver is so knowledgeable, and tells it like it is. I'm not crazy about Laurentino, but like the easygoing Christopher Rude.

Worked until just before five yesterday. Got Matthew a Taco Bell taco, and took Anna to her art class.

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