Monday, October 08, 2012

Joining the Debate

Those “IN GOD WE TRUST” license plate stickers are really doing a number on me (there were at least five of the stickers on our parking lot row Sunday at Passion City Church). When my friend Bryan came to visit last week, it seemed as if I had nothing going on in my life worthwhile to share with him (though that’s not entirely true).

Thursday afternoon when I stopped by Kroger, there was a pickup truck with its hood up, and someone sitting inside. For that reason I parked farther away than I normally would. I know little about cars. I was running late, having worked late, run, and ran several errands. The kids were home alone. I scurried into Kroger and made my purchase.

On the way back to my car my mind thought about the Good Samaritan. He took time to help. I smiled, knowing God had placed the thought in my head. Sure enough, as I approached my car, a lady got out of the pickup and asked for a jump…something I knew how to do. The gesture didn’t take long. In five minutes we were both on our way.

Saturday I happened across an AJC article posted on Facebook, about a US Representative from the Athens area who had forcefully denounced evolution at a church gathering. The rep sits on the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, and the liberal AJC smelled blood in the water. All the Facebook comments denounced the man, his religion, and his creationist viewpoint. No one had taken the other side. God’s side.

My kid’s Living Science school and the Answers In Genesis (AIG) Creation Museum had already stoked my interest in the creation vs. evolution debate. Videos of amazingly complex aquatic creatures, unlike anything else in nature. How did these evolve from a common ancestor? A caterpillar constructs a cocoon, dissolves into a liquid, and then emerges into an even more complex butterfly, with wing decoration looking like vicious eyes to award off predators. PhD’s detailing and proving how various species could not possibly be linked by a common ancestor. I’ve read and heard enough to know that evolution is false, but certainly not enough to debate the issue.

Still, I was moved to comment. I didn’t care that I’d be ridiculed (I was). I mentioned how Bill Nye “the science guy” recently called any parent who refused to educate their child about evolution “a fool”. The AIG PhDs challenged Nye to a debate, even on his own turf, but Nye would not. I went on to ask for proofs of evolution.

The first response was a Wiki link about evolving influenza. Having no idea how to respond, and finding nothing on the Answers in Genesis website, I clicked on the very Wiki link “confirming” evolution. Then I clicked on “theory & fact”. An entire section devoted to the uncertainty of evolution! There was my response. “Scientifically, a fact is not a statement of absolute certainty.”

Another person claimed genomes “basically proved Darwin’s theories accurate.” Will did not know. I googled “Genomes prove evolution”. I stumbled across an article by an Indian scientist: “Genome data proves FALSE the theory of evolution”. I had to laugh. While the page was downloading I looked up genomes on Answers in Genesis. They recommended John Sanford’s book “Genetic Entropy & the Mystery of the Genome,” that lays out the scientific case AGAINST genome mutation resulting in the origin of the species.

I tried to respond as gently and lovingly as possible. After I responded, there was little response from the evolutionists. Hopefully I gave just one of them second thought. How did I find these responses so quickly? It certainly wasn’t me.
For more information, check out the Answers in Genesis website. Amazing stuff. Of course, by sharing these adventures here on the blog, I lose my reward in heaven. At least I still have my license plate.

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