Tuesday, October 02, 2012

NL Pitcher of the Month

July: Minor just missed winning.
August: Medlin won it hands down
September: Medlin won again, for the second straight month. First time a Brave pitcher won for back to back months since Maddux in 2001. Another amazing similarity. Minor had better stats than Medlin, but Kimbrel was even better. Many experts think Kimbrel deserves the Cy Young Award, but the northeastern media loves R.A. Dickey. It won't be the first time a deserving Braves candidate gets the shaft.

We have a sales rep in Miami who used to be a batboy for the Vero Beach Dodgers. Was present when Joel Hanrahan pitched two no-hitters in one season.

I'm glad Tony Romo isn't the Falcons quarterback. He always seems to be losing games instead of winning them…botching plays as opposed to making them. Better to have a QB who doesn't make mistakes. Speaking of, Matt Ryan sure is having a good year. I really dislike the Panthers (always have), and have disliked Cam Newton since he was at Auburn. Late in the game I just had a feeling that the Falcons would win. I like Mike Smith as the Falcons coach as well.

Watched the Braves last night, then turned it over to Monday Night Football. Ceil cooked fixings for burritos, and I helped Matthew with a paper on Newton and his hymn Amazing Grace. Had leftover meatballs for lunch.

AJC.Com<http://AJC.Com> mentioned a tweet from UGA RB Todd Gurley, congratulating people who were baptized Sunday at Athens Church, the North Point spinoff.

How to Win at Cards…if Buckhead 50 is the first Tuesday night of the month, I can't go on November 6. That's Ceil's birthday. She will probably want to stay home and watch election returns. Or maybe not, depending on the outcome.

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