Monday, October 22, 2012

College Football Roundup

Didn’t get much done on Saturday, because…

10 am… ESPN College GameDay
12 noon…Clemson vs. Virginia Tech
3 pm…Georgia Tech vs. Boston College
7 pm…Georgia at Kentucky

Every week a different set of commentators announces the Clemson game (and Virginia Tech game). Every week they start off by talking about what great quarterbacks both Tajh Boyd and Logan Thomas are. How NFL scouts love them. Then the announcers spend the rest of the game talking about the mistakes Boyd and Thomas make. Every week. It may not happen as much against weaker teams, but neither comes up big in games against higher ranked opponents. They may be big and strong, but neither is consistent or accurate. Neither is good at finding the secondary receiver. Were I a NFL team, I wouldn’t want them on my roster.

Mike Patrick and Ed Cunningham did a great job announcing the Clemson game. Told it like it was. Several bad calls went against Virginia Tech. The Hokies poor play did them in, and Clemson capitalized. Even though South Carolina laid about four eggs (fumbles) against Florida, the Gamecocks will still put a pasting on Clemson. Even Thursday night’s game against Wake Forest will be tougher for Clemson.

Speaking of announcers, the color man for the GT/BC game hardly spoke at all. I had never heard of him. I enjoyed watching BC’s white receivers run circles around GT’s cocky defensive backs. But that was all BC had going for them. Vad Lee looked good again, but it’s evident he is still a raw redshirt freshman. As I’ve said, Tevin runs the option better than Nesbitt did…but he passes worse than Nesbitt. Vad will run the option better once he settles down and stops rushing things.

Kills me that Tech can’t kick a field goal. When the first string holder is the backup kicker, why is the backup holder the fullback? What kind of Special Teams Coach did GT hire? Nothing will help GT next week, unless BYU has a letdown after several big games. But BYU doesn’t have the emotional players who will take a week off. BYU has a bunch of 25 year old redshirt seniors, many married with kids and minivans. They can’t wait to get out on the field.

Everyone in the world is talking about how poorly UGA played, especially on defense. With their star LB out, it was just one more game where the entire defense wasn’t on the field together. Couple that with a pumped up Kentucky team, perhaps people aren’t giving the Dawgs enough credit. Kentucky’s defense took away the run, so Aaron Murray has a career day throwing the ball. And at least one TD pass was dropped. Though it’s doubtful UGA beats Florida, it’s definitely possible. After beating LSU and SC, the Gators could have a letdown. You heard it here first.

Friday Will was throwing up, and he had to talk Ceil out of us going to get him Friday night. Instead I got to watch some of the NLCS. Barry Zito came up big. Later I heard he has become a Christian.

Got some housework done on Sunday. Assembled a care package for Will (jeans, socks, flannel shirts) and took it to Nancy for delivery.

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