Thursday, October 18, 2012


Wednesday: Left work at four, and walked/ran three miles at the park. Then picked up Anna on the way home, from her friend Brittany's house. Blew the drive and gutters, and part of the yard. Dinner was leftover chili, rice, cornbread, and steamed broccoli.

Posted three football jerseys on eBay last night…49ers/OJ Simpson, UGA/Knowshon Moreno/ and Bengals/Carson Palmer. Got a bid on my Brewers jacket, and sold a pair of paisley polyester pants.

Every time I tried to turn to a ball game it was in a rain delay. Anna was watching the X Factor, until it inexplicably went off at 9:45. Simon is much nicer on this show than he was on American Idol.

Ceil is going to a friend's birthday lunch.

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