Monday, October 01, 2012

Will the Braves get Hosed?

Either DOB or Mark Bowman tweeted several weeks ago that historically, several teams with greats records have been denied playoff opportunities after winning over one hundred games, because there was a team with a better record. Still doesn't make the Braves situation any better. Hopefully they can keep their hot streak going: 8 of their last 10, and 7 of their last 8.

Drew Kelly had a rough time getting to Friday's game. He also gave up and took MARTA, and it didn't help. Probably a good, accurate theory about attendance. Ceil had a rough time driving to Decatur and back Saturday.

Crazy that Chipper has played Will's entire life. See where Mizuno gave him an outdoor vehicle? That Polaris is similar to what EZGo is building, that we're having trouble keeping parts built for.

Sunday I noticed there was still construction on 285. Last night I took Will back to Athens. There was a wreck on 85 north, so I took 285 and 78. Came back 316, then took Pleasant Hill and Old Alabama. Will ate dinner with us Friday, then spent the weekend in Cartersville. Said he scored two touchdowns in one intramural game, against a tough team. He is going to the Oklahoma/Notre Dame game in a few weeks.

Like last weekend, I watched all the Braves games, and UGA and Clemson and GT. Gonna be a long year for Tech. At least they won't lose another bowl game. If they fire Johnson, next year when Vad Lee does well the media will say the new coach is winning with Paul Johnson's players.

When the Passion service started at 4 pm there was about two minutes left in the Falcon game. Afterwards Will knew the Falcons had won, but it wasn't until I got back from Athens that I heard the whole story. Wish they would wear those uniforms in every game. Watched some of the Eagles/Giants, but turned it over to see the highlights.

Mary Clayton's little brother is quarterbacking the middle school team. I may have to go see him play.

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