Saturday, September 29, 2012

Deep & Wide

I sure enjoyed watching the Braves celebration. Also enjoyed being at the Ted the year they clinched after that last Sunday game, where the fans watched the other game on the Jumbotron.

I will probably also read Deep and Wide. When we moved upstairs I wound up with a desk next to co-worker Tim. In 2011 he ran the Peachtree with me. He's your basic clean-cut, stand up guy. Traded his dilapidated old VW Golf for a sleek new VW CC last year. Started dating a schoolteacher close to his age who goes to the 4:30 pm North Point service, so Tim has started attending. Anyway, Tim and his girlfriend are reading Deep and Wide, and I'll read it after them.

See where Will got painted up for the UGA game? He's coming home this next weekend, because MC is flying in from Oklahoma . We won't see much of him, though we'll probably take him back Sunday night.

The new Tech arena was nice. Like the Ted, there is a mezzanine where you can follow the game while walking around. Above that is a small upper deck. The old roof still remains, mixing the old and new. A nice touch. I drove Reid down there. He has season tickets. We thought there would be something to do…tour the locker rooms, etc, but there was nothing to do but walk around. The basketball players were there, dressed in navy t-shirts, so it was hard to tell who they were. Also the cheerleaders. Seems like they would've done a little more.

I've gone through the same thought process about the Braves, with the division being a longshot. Hopefully they can continue to roll, though the Marlins always play the Braves tough. I'm getting one of those Dale Murphy replica jerseys…thought I'd have to wait to find one at a thrift store.

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