Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Getting the Worm

Somewhere along the way I fell into the good habit of being on time or early. Many people I know are not like this.

Advantages to being early:
…allows extra time to chat and get to know people. Being late to a social event means missing out on time with others. People dislike those who wear our their welcome.
…in case of traffic or car trouble, being early means an on-time arrival is still possible.
…being early helps me get my bearings, figure out where things are, and where I’m supposed to be.
…most of the time leaving early doesn’t make me miss anything that important, because I left early.
…you are able to choose where you want to sit when you’re early.
…there’s time to learn things you didn’t know, and figure out what’s going on.

Being early to church helps me better prepare to worship. When I arrive on time or late, looking for a seat and walking past those already in place can be stressful.

When you’re late you miss the beginning. It tells others that they’re not as important as you. When you have to rush, mistakes can be made: speeding tickets or accidents. Running late to the airport means you might miss your flight: a huge embarrassment if someone else is paying for your ticket.

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