Thursday, September 20, 2012

Odds & Ends

Ceil cooked spaghetti and meatballs Thursday night. They took our dog Barney with them to the pet store…Barney really liked that. I cleaned out some old clothes. Wished I could’ve made the Bobby Johnson funeral.

I’m getting into the bad weekend habit of watching all the Braves games, plus GT, UGA, and Clemson. Did get a little done around the house. Could’ve gone to the UGA game, but Ceil didn’t want to stay out so late. TV’s…if I hit the wrong button, the TV can be messed up bad.

After spending most of Thursday and Friday in pricing meetings with my boss, a four week brown paper meeting kicked off Monday. Spent all afternoon in the project, that will involve lots of my time. We started with lunch at Dreamland BBQ. Tuesday morning we had a conference call.  

Co-worker was out Monday. Her grown daughter was driving 75 mph in her SUV in the rain, and hydroplaned and crashed…totaling the SUV. Lucky she wasn’t killed.

Monday night I helped Matthew with an essay, and watched the Braves and Falcons. I was worried the Broncos would come back, but still went to bed before the 4th quarter started. Went to tour the new Tech arena Wednesday night. Doctor’s appointment Thursday.

Braves: the division is a longshot. Hopefully they can continue to roll, though the Marlins always play the Braves tough. I’m getting one of those Dale Murphy replica jerseys…thought I’d have to wait to find one at a thrift store.

The eBay comic book project sounds interesting. I’ll need details about one or two of the comic books, and I’ll check out current auctions on eBay. I’m to the point where I need to start working to get more money for what I’m selling. That means doing more research before I list the item with a starting price.

Hopefully Kate learned a lesson. They live in a different world, but they still should’ve known that no where is really private.

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