Thursday, January 03, 2019

60's & 70's era NFL QB's

When I was a kid I loved pro football. Every season I would study the Falcons media guide and game programs, so I knew every player by number, name, and position. I became familiar with players on other teams, and many I regarded as perhaps better than they actually were. Some average and journeyman players I thought were all-stars, perhaps because of the way they wore their uniform. Nowadays I’d be hard-pressed to name ten Falcons.  
The other day I was doodling a list of 60’s and 70’s era quarterbacks whom I held in high regard, and decided to publish it here. Many I saw play against the Falcons in Atlanta Stadium. Since I rarely watched college football, only later did I learn where some of these guys went to school.

17 Bob Berry, Vikings Falcons Oregon
12 Terry Bradshaw, Steelers Louisiana Tech SB MVP (above)
12 John Brodie, 49ers MVP
11 Greg Cook, Bengals
17 Gary Danielson, Lions (top)
16 Len Dawson, Chiefs SB
10 Bobby Douglass, Bears
12 Joe Ferguson, Bills
18 Roman Gabriel, Rams Eagles NC State
17 Joe Gilliam, Steelers (above)
12 Bob Griese, Dolphins Purdue SB
21 John Hadl, Chargers
05 Terry Hanratty, Steelers Notre Dame (top)
11 Jim Hart, Cardinals
09 Sonny Jurgenson, Eagles Redskins
11 Greg Landry, Lions
17 Bob Lee, Vikings Falcons
11 Joe Kapp, Vikings Washington SB
17 Billy Kilmer, 49ers Saints Redskins SB (below)
08 Archie Manning, Saints Ole Miss
15 Earl Morrall, Colts Dolphins SB
15 Craig Morton, Cowboys Broncos SB
12 Joe Namath, Jets Rams Alabama SB
07 Dan Pastorini, Oilers
16 Jim Plunkett, Patriots Raiders Stanford SB
17 Brian Sipe, Browns Generals
11 Steve Spurrier, 49ers Buccaneers Florida
12 Ken Stabler, Raiders Oilers Saints Alabama SB
15 Bart Starr, Packers Alabama SB
12 Roger Staubach, Cowboys Navy SB
10 Fran Tarktenton, Vikings Giants Georgia SB
19 Johnny Unitas, Colts Chargers Louisville SB
17 Jim Zorn, Seahawks
The 60’s seemed to be older, nameless, generic players for the most part. In the 70’s everyone had a name and a face.

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