Sunday, January 06, 2019

Sunday Pictures

Not sure if I posted this photo of the Lenox Square area,
but below I zoomed in on the top left corner,
to show a close up of the intersection of Peachtree and Stratford.
Not sure if you can see my mother's house or not.
Will helped Joel set up for the grand opening of Bellwood Coffee.
Several Georgia players are transferring or turning pro,
but Rodrigo Blankenship announced that he would be returning.
When goalposts were placed on the goal lines.
Rams versus Browns in the Coliseum.
Okie has the first part of the trick down.
The second part? Not so much.
For Christmas Will gave both Anna and Matthew
their own coffee setup, complete with a scale.
When I visit a thrift store there are a few golden eggs I'm always on the lookout for. Yesterday I stumbled across this Braves shirt, and quickly snapped it up. It's not the rare Braves Hawaiian shirt I've been working for, but it's close. 
Jordan guards Bias.

 Babe Parilli in a classic Pat Patriot uniform.
Cleaned up the Buick and put it on Craig's List.
No offers yet.
Len Dawson at Purdue. Three Boilermaker QB's have worn Super Bowls: Dawson, Griese, and Brees.

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