Friday, December 18, 2009

Night Owl

Thursday night Ceil hung out with an old friend Susan, at third friend's house. Yesterday afternoon Ceil was tired, and I reminded her that nights out with Susan usually went late. I let Matthew stay up too late, but the four of us went to bed around eleven. I woke up and thought I was reading the clock wrong, and checked again. No, it was 1:30 am! I called Ceil, and they were wrapping up. She didn't walk in until 2:11 am.

Taking off this afternoon, to use up vacation. Not much good work news going into Christmas...

The Ogre told us how they're bringing in more people early next year to hopefully increase transactional business, including a new product line. Had my team member not quit one probably would've been laid off, and a second salesperson was also laid off last week. Today I found out me and my office-mate Brad would have to move to smaller, less-concealed spaces. We'll be closer to fellow team members, which is good...but in a higher traffic / high "chit-chat" area.

This means I'll be less productive, and co-workers will try and pawn more of their work off on me. I'll be bringing this up with the Ogre soon. As the work of the former employee was distributed, some employees were all too protective, saying they already had too much of a workload. Meanwhile it's clear to management that that's not exactly the case.

And I still am saddened by how the former employee did not get along with me at all. She would only speak to me if I asked her a question. She would give short answers in emails, but even quit answering me her last couple of days. Hope she's happier at her new job. I don't need one hand the count the relationships like that my entire life, though I am not as nice a guy as I used to be.

Though I doubt we'll get a bonus, the Ogre says the company 401K match will be reinstated early next year.

Interesting to see what the Braves do with their most recent free agent signee, the ex-Dodger.

Will this be the year DRad removes the "auto-extend" portion of Hewitt's contract?

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