Monday, December 14, 2009

Drivin & Cryin

Anna has ballet eleven straight days, and 17 of 18 days. Friday night all the dancers did not make it on stage before the song & dance started…something that had not been rehearsed beforehand. The children in the previous scene thought it was more important they get offstage first, and they filed off two and three wide (instead of single-file) so the dancers could come on stage at the same time. No adult intervened until after the Friday show, but they never got it exactly right. Afterward Anna and especially her dramatic friend Molly were “livid” so I tried to downplay the event. One of the things they were embarrassed about was that an older teen they knew was watching from the front row.

Friday I drove to work, then to Lawrenceville and back at lunch. Drove home & ate at Willys, then picked up Anna & Molly at Eastside Baptist. Got on 75 at the South Loop & took 285 to PIB, up past the Forum. Dropped them off at a sleepover, then drove home.

Rented the Star Trek movie…Ceil and I both enjoyed it.

Saturday I picked up Anna at eleven & returned home. That afternoon Ceil & I drove separately up 400 to McFarland for Margaret Hurt’s Make-A-Wish surprise party. Margaret was presented with her own horse. Many Living Science students and parents were there, as well as Comcast UGA announcer Matt Stewart…he vaguely remembered meeting me from over a year ago. Jerry Carnes from channel 11 was there, as was a reporter from somewhere. Traffic on Mansell going was terrible, but not bad on the way back.

Took Anna back to Eastside. Police had the road blocked, so she walked the last quarter-mile in a drizzle. Ceil was shopping and Will at a basketball game, so I took Matthew to Moes, then home. Drove BACK & picked up Anna & took her to Willys.

Sunday was just as busy. We’re enjoying the Diner videos. Now that I think about it, they acted out this same script several years ago. Makes sense to make a video now, with all the campuses and services. After the 11 am service, the two funny guys who make videos (like the “turn off your cell phone” video) recruited Will to be in a video about offering etiquette.

During the second service I ate at CiCis and looked at Old Navy, then returned to NP to pick up the boys…Ceil had a lunch in Dunwoody.

At home I got cranking on laundry, then drove way over to Johns Creek, several miles east of Ptree Parkway on Medlock Bridge, to pick up Anna from a SS party. On the way back I found Will’s present at the Forum Old Navy. Last night Ceil had to grocery shop, so she took Anna while I kept laundering.

Tomorrow I’m taking off and hanging out at Living Science all day.

“Pushing buttons” was the main topic of last week’s marriage group.

Luckily there was no crying in this post.

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