Friday, December 04, 2009

Shoneys Big Boy

We don’t go to Shoney’s much any more. My little crowd used to go there after HS football games. It wasn’t where EVERYONE went, the big party crowd went to Shakeys pizza, I think. Used to go every now and then during my single days, when they had the big salad bar. I certainly remember the Big Boy days…and the old Leno joke about that statue in the doorway blocking people from getting out in case of a fire (How many more senseless deaths?!). Ceil likes Cracker Barrel, a place we only go to on the road once every few years.

Took off yesterday just because I still have lots of vacation. Took Will halfway to school, then he was gone all day with that. Didn’t realize that Ceil would be gone from 8:30 to 3 pm…her “job” at Anna’s school. Matthew always gets lots of schoolwork done there, so he went as well. I didn’t feel 100%, so I didn’t tackle any major projects, just cleaned up a little. Feel OK today, but I’m trying to take it easy so it doesn’t get worse.

Rented “Sunshine Cleaning”, the Amy Adams/Emily Blunt movie…pretty good. Watched a lot of the Clemson loss to Illinois Wednesday night. Will was crushed.

On of our four EZGo team members here in the office, Dana, is quitting. They won’t be replacing her, which means more work for us three remaining. I seriously doubt we’ll get any bonus for this year. Just hoping next year we’ll get back the 4% savings match. When I heard about what some of my friends pay for work healthcare, I didn’t feel as bad.

Sounds like a nice FA pickup by the Braves…the Japanese reliever.

Busy weekend…Anna has her dress rehearsal tonight and recital tomorrow. We have a Christmas party Sat night, so I’m not sure how much of the SEC and ACC I’ll miss. Will is at the Normans all day today, and going to their road bball game tonight. He wants to go down to ESPN game day tomorrow AM, despite the rough weather…but no friend is crazy enough to go with him. Might be Moes for me and Matthew tonight.

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