Monday, December 28, 2009

The Vasquez Trade

Though DOB repeatedly reminded everyone we’d get little for Lowe or Vasquez, the Braves needed to move them to free up salary to sign a hitter. Fans think it’s a bad trade, forgetting Vasquez had a career year, and is now in his walk year. The minor league righty could become the next Smoltz, but the blog posters are only thinking about Melky.

The infielder they signed didn’t cause a stir, but I hope he can field, cause his batting stats didn’t look good at all.

During the first Nativity scene Alyssa was supposed to be in the back with the other shepherds, but she found herself out of place, so she sat out the scene instead of walking in front of Mary & Joseph. Then in the second Nativity she was holding baby Jesus. When does a shepherd hold the baby?

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