Monday, December 28, 2009

One Too Few Stops

Last Wednesday I took off work. Ceil went on one last shopping trip, & we left for SC shortly after six. Will thought he was going to drive, so he took a large glass of iced tea and a travel mug of coffee. C nixed his driving, so W had to stop in Covington to go to the bathroom around 7:30. Around eleven, as we neared our destination, A and M discovered that W had peed in his taco bell cup. Great decision…it wasn’t like we couldn’t have stopped again.

Thursday I took M on a drive, north to Charlotte. Traffic was worse headed south, and we never found a store to stop at. He wasn’t hungry, so we didn’t eat. He was asking deep questions, I’m now forgetting about what. Once we were talking about college and majors and studying, then about the different bills you have to pay as an adult. Never had such conversations with A and W, really. Since he was getting a guitar for Christmas, we stopped at Guitar Center…something I don’t know much about.

Poured rain on Christmas Day, canceling the football game (many played on Thursday, while I was gone). Learned one of Ceil’s cousins is a high school umpire…something I never knew. Saturday Will played nine holes with Ceil’s brother, since W’s cousin played with his friends. Anna went shopping in Florence with her three cousins…one of whom got THREE pair of different colored Chuck Taylors to go with the ones she had. We left around four & got home about 10:15, after stopping in Augusta to eat.

Sunday we went to East Cobb Presbyterian, where we know lots of people. Afterwards Ceil went to Decatur, and I took M and A to eat at Barberitos…I wasn’t crazy about the chips or salsa, which were plain. The burrito was OK, but not better than Moes or Willies.

Spent a decent chunk of my time writing the expedition skit…I’m up to twelve pages so far. This morning I submitted it to Will’s teacher for approval. We’ll see what she thinks.

Yesterday M asked what Fantasy Football was. We talked about it for a long while, and we may play some fantasy basketball. I created a league at and sent out invitations, but got the email address wrong.

Anna heard “Cloudy With A Chance for Meatballs” was good, so perhaps we’ll go see that before we see “Where the Wild Things Are.”

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