Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Operation Christmas Child

Last night Will’s class went to help at the Operation Christmas Child warehouse in Suwanee. Run by Franklin Graham’s organization Samaritan’s Purse, millions of shoeboxes full of gifts for kids are sorted and shipped to foreign countries.

There are several similar warehouses around the country. This one in Suwanee has already shipped over 380,000 boxes this year, with a goal of 850,000. The worldwide goal is to give out over six million boxes.

Knowing December rush hour traffic would make the drive from East Cobb to Suwanee almost impossible, I stayed off the freeways. Amazingly, we made the trip in the drizzle in just over an hour, taking Spaulding from Sandy Springs over to Ptree Industrial, then Buford Highway to Lawrenceville-Suwanee Road. The 85-285-400 return trip took just 35 minutes. Will’s friend Spencer and former basketball teammate Kaitlen (& Conner’s older brother Garrison) were there.

First the boxes had to be searched and donations taken out…even play money must be removed. For a poor child to have even a penny could be a cause for murder. No chocolates, or several other items…two people inspect each box as a double check. The box was then taped and put in a larger shipping carton by gender and age. The kids, some young, were hardly efficient in the task…but we still crated hundreds in little over an hour. There were dozens of others doing the same thing, a warehouse full.

I’m not feeling that great today…hope I’m not coming down with anything. May take off tomorrow.

Wish the Braves had spent the money on Gonzalez, but some team will give Gonzo a multi-year deal for more money. I just hope Wagner (& Hudson) stays healthy, unlike 2008 when Smoltz, Hudson, Hampton, and Gonzo all went down. You can tell by the comments that many fans don’t understand the economics, that by signing Wagner it’s doubtful Soriano or Gonzo will be signed.

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