Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Another Bummer

Still kinda bummed about all the layoffs and deaths, and stuff. Ceil picked up a copy of the “East Cobber” recently. It had a bone marrow article…pictured with the article was a friend from high school. Now he lives in East Cobb and has leukemia. His synagogue was having a bone marrow drive.

For some reason our Bellsouth modem at home quit working…no internet service. We’re getting a new one. I don’t think it’s the modem after all. The new one worked on my laptop, but not on the desktop. I think the problem is with some software Ceil bought. I was up too late working on it last night.

Will’s team won last night…Connor, Kara, and Danielle all had 24 points. DJ and Kara had double-doubles. Missed the varsity boys win, picking up Anna.

Are championships before the super bowl forgotten about? Besides the greatest game ever played, there were other notable games…the giants (or bears?) won one 73-0, Bednarik’s hit on Gifford, van brocklin leads the eagles (over GB?) for his only championship. The Browns dominated in the 50’s. The sneaker game. I used to read about that stuff all the time.

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