Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Getting more and more into spring training. Glad games are starting up. Got home last Saturday afternoon to find our old neighbors visiting, who moved to Charlotte a few years ago. The 9-year old was here playing ice hockey, off Mansell. His team played Glavine’s son’s team, and little Sam even faced off against Glavine’s son. Glavine came over to say hello to the Charlotte team. Guess there are other advantages to finishing rehab in Atlanta.

Plenty of action here in the new office. At least 33 folk in our immediate L-shaped office. At least I’m a little out of the way, in the corner of the L, against the wall. Out of view of half the L, but facing the other half. Everyone knows where I am, and asks questions.

Of the 3 other EZGo team members, Dana is 2 desks away. Darryl is next to her, just out of my sight. I used to sit right next to Monique, which was real efficient for getting work done. We’re both the type to sit at our desks for long stretches, which is bad, now that we can’t even see each other. Sherry sits next to Dana. Otherwise, I still think things will eventually run smoother.

The window right behind me overlooks the track I run on after work. A lacrosse team practices there on Tuesdays.

Was tired last night. Had to pick up Anna at ballet, and wasn’t into the state of the union. Ceil fixed lasagna, which is great, and it lasts for several days.

Times are tough…tickets are available weeks in advance to an ACC tourney, be it in a Dome 300 miles away from NC.

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