Saturday, February 07, 2009

Scares Mar Flight Sweep

The Flight Varsity Girls and JV Boys tuned up for their big Saturday matchup with Crown, by putting away the varsity squads from American Heritage Academy up in faraway Canton Friday night. Isaac tallied a career high 23 for the JV, and Audrey’s eleven steals stood out in the girl’s game.

The games were delayed over thirty minutes due to a lack of referees. With two Crown games literally hours away, Flight experienced a huge scare early in the game when Danielle hurt her elbow. Play was eventually stopped, and Danielle sat out the rest of the quarter. With Shelby and Courtney out, and Flight down 5 – 3, things did not bode well. She game back to start the second quarter, clearly still in discomfort. Soon thereafter she retired to the bench for the evening.

Undaunted, Flight went on a 22 – 4 run, taking a commanding 29 – 11 lead. Hannah M fed Kara for two, who then put back an offensive rebound. Audrey passed in to Kara for two more. Hanna N played her best game filling in for Danielle, scoring all of her eight points (and posting 7 of her 11 game-high rebounds) in the first half. Kara had 13 of her game-high 19 points in the first half, and five of her seven rebounds.

Katelyn contributed mightily, taking advantage of her start and increased playing time. She scored twice and rebounded thrice, and was sent to the charity stripe three times in the game. Kathleen came off the bench and added six first half points. Hannah M was called on to help more with the ball-handling, and proved up to the task.

The second half started out just like the first. Flight went on a 9 – 0 run and led 42 – 20 late in the third quarter. When the lead grew to 23 points, Kara also retired to the bench. At 46 – 23 Flight had doubled AHA’s score.

In the fourth quarter Coach Dan was content to run clock. Audrey, Kathleen, Katelyn, and the two Hannahs passed around the court. AHA tried to make a game of it, scoring the last 15 points, but ran out of time.

Soon after the win came even better news: Mr. Howes was able to pop Danielle’s elbow back into place. She felt immediately better. She will be needed against Crown!


Kara…19 pt, 7 RB, assist, 5 steals, 2 blocks
Hanna N…8 pts, 11 RB, 2 assists, 2 steals, 3 blocks .
Kathleen…8 pt, RB, 2 assists, 3 steals
Katelyn…7 pt, 4 RB
Audrey…4 pt, 5 RB, 5 assists, 11 steals, block
Hannah M…2 pt, RB, 2 assists, 2 steals
Danielle…2 pt, 3 RB, assist, steal

The undefeated JV Boys relished the chance to put another beating on the AHA Varsity. Coach Hoffer had another commitment, and DJ, Ethan, and the two Jonathans missed the road trip as well. Still, Flight jumped out to an early 14 – 4 lead, sparked by 9 – 0 run. Interestingly, Connor played the role normally filled by DJ, playing the all-around game. He continually fed the suddenly on-fire Isaac, who confidently poured in 17 first-half points.

Playing in their tiny home gym with small backboards and shaky rims, the AHA Boys shot high, arching shots with remarkable success, as the AHA girls had. Late in the first quarter AHA started a 38 - 27 run that included eight three-pointers. Flight was on their heels, repeatedly turning the ball over, and saw their lead cut to a point. The older, scrappy AHA players found the open shooter, and time after time broke the zone with a wide open three. The undefeated season was in jeopardy.

There were bright spots. Joel and Joe played well off the bench. Joel grabbed two second-quarter rebounds and added an assist. He confidently toed the free-throw line, went into his pre-shot routine, and sank both foul shots. Joe added a basket, and later when Flight couldn’t buy a shot, confidently took Isaac’s pass and tried a short shot. It was a good look, but bounced away off the shaky rims.

It didn’t help that the refs were calling a quite one-sided game. In foul trouble, Josh spent most of the third quarter on the bench. Then with the score 39 – 38, Flight went on a 15 – 3 run led by Kevin, Connor, and Isaac. Isaac put back a rebound, Connor sank two foul shots. Kevin put back a board, then was fed for a basket by Connor. Connor then fired a long pass downcourt to Isaac for an easy two.

During the quarter break an AHA dad was overheard calling Connor a hot dog, a completely unfounded accusation. Connor quickly silenced the dad with two quick three-pointers, completing that 15 – 3 run. Flight led 54 – 41, but AHA wouldn’t go away.

The teams traded baskets the rest of the game. Isaac again fed Kevin inside for two. Connor made a steal on the defensive end and went coast to coast for a lay-up Isaac and Connor both fed Kevin for two more baskets. Jake, Josh, Will, Kevin, Isaac, and Connor all grabbed key defensive rebounds. AHA’s four fourth-quarter three-pointers cut the lead to 60 – 55 with 1:23 remaining, but Will and Kevin both grabbed rebounds to seal the close win.


Isaac….23 pt, 7 RB, 2 assists, steal
Connor…20 pt, 8 RB, 9 assists, 2 steals, 3 blocks
Kevin….16 pt, 8 RB
Josh….2 pt, 7 RB, 2 assists
Joel….2 pt, 2 RB, 2 assists
Joe….2 points
Will…6 RB, 4 assists, steal

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