Thursday, February 05, 2009

Flight Sweeps GAAA

Flight swept all three games against GAAA Tuesday night. Connor, Kara, and Danielle each scored 24 points, leading the JV and Girls, respectively. DJ and Kara both notched double-doubles, and Danielle missed that mark by one rebound.

The JVs scored the first ten points of the game, and led 21 – 8 early in the second quarter. But GAAA roared back, going on a 16 – 2 run to tie the game. Josh made his presence felt inside, scoring six, and DJ added nine in the first half.

Midway through the third quarter Flight held a slim 33 – 32 lead. Then Flight went on a 10 – 0 run to end the period. Connor scored ten in the third, including a buzzer-beating three-pointer. Kevin scored all five of his points in the third, going 5 – 6 from the line.


Connor…24 pt, 2, RB, 2 assists, 2 steals
DJ……..16 pt, 10 RB, 5 assists, 3 steals
Josh…….9 pt, 3 RB, steal, 2 blocks
Kevin…..5 pt, 2 RB, assist, 2 steals
Isaac……5 pt, 2 RB, assist, steal
Jake…….2 points
Will……..2 RB, steal
Jonathan…rebound, steal

The Girls dressed a whopping nine players, and all garnered considerable playing time. Flight scored the first twelve points of the game, then scored another ten in a row to go up 24 – 7, then 27 – 9. After an early fourth quarter 9 – 1 run, Flight again led by 18, with a 51 – 33 score. The large lead wouldn’t be cut to ten points until the final seconds of the game.

Flight set a foul shooting record, hitting 15 of 18 from the line. Both teams also combined for a record number of attempts (actually, I have no records…I’m just making this up!). Danielle hit 7 of 8, and Kara 8 of 10 (or about 80%). Danielle’s score by quarters: 6, 7, 2, and 9. Kara’s was 6, 2, 9, and 8.

Both played their usual physical games. Kara’s frequent falls kept the floor dust-free. Once she was fouled on a drive, lost her balance, and fell on top of and over her defender. Danielle’s swinging elbows flung defenders out of the way: they glared, but she flashed a huge smile. This increased the game’s intensity, and GAAA mounted a too-late comeback.

Courtney sank two three-pointers (Danielle had one as well) and also dished a few nice passes. Audrey logged seven steals, and took a quick rest break on the bleachers before inbounding the ball. Smiling bookends Katelyn and Victoria played aggressively. Tex McDuffie held her own against taller opponents, also smiling most of the time.


Sweeper Arps…24 pt, 13 RB, 2 assists, 3 steals, block
Dr. Evil Danielle…24 pt, 9 RB, 2 assists, 3 steals
Mini Me Kathleen…3 steals
Ice-Woman Courtney…6 pt, 4 RB, steal
Hannah N…4 pt, rebound
Clemson Katelyn…2 pt, 3 rebounds
Tex McDuffie…3 RB, 2 assists, steal
Audrey Hepburn…4 assists, 7 steals
Lil’Sis Bennett…3 RB, steal

Fun Fact: the third-quarter score of both the JV and Girl’s games was 43-32. Note both game scored followed the same pattern.

Danielle is only Dr. Evil so Kathleen can be her Mini-Me (I had “help” on these!).

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