Monday, February 23, 2009


I was weak Friday from my Wed/Thur sickness. Left work just after 4 pm and swung by home before heading to Will’s game, on Canton Road at the All-American Sports Complex. There are 4 courts in one noisy warehouse, and 2 softball fields where college teams sometimes play.

Will’s team won easily, the Girls won an exciting game in OT, and the Boys fought off a pesky rival. The second half of the Girls game was played concurrently with the Boys game’s first 3 quarters, on adjacent courts. I stood in the corner taking notes, but the only way was by noting both games together. I decided to write the recap the same way, telling what was happening on both courts at the same time. Got home late, and I stayed up past 1 am writing recaps.

Will had 9 am and 12:30 pm games Saturday. After 3 quarters they had large leads and inserted the youngsters. The opponents mounted comebacks, but too late. Same thing in the Girl’s 2 pm game. The other teams think they did good, but in fact the games are never in doubt. The Boys won a tough Regional Championship game against a Nashville team.

Friday I got my 2008 bonus check, so Saturday night Ceil and I went to NP Mall and PF Chang.

Sunday I took Will up to school at 7:15, for his departure to Amelia Island for his week long retreat. We ran by Harry’s after church. Ceil had a lunch, and Anna, Matthew and I ran into Connor’s family at the Picture Show, so we saw Bolt with them. Then we all ran to IKEA, then got back in time to watch Barbara Walters and the first part of the Awards. I was worn out from all this running around.

See where the Braves signed Garrett Anderson, pretty much because he was the only one out there left to sign. People will soon forget this, and start railing if he doesn’t produce. Guess he’s the type they will cut, or use to PH.

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