Monday, February 16, 2009

valentines weekend

Left work Friday and headed home…we had 7:15 reservations at PFChang. Heard a weird noise. Got out and found a large screw in a tire, so I headed to the nearest place to get it plugged. Got home at 7:05 and we headed out, but by then Ceil didn’t want to go to PFC. We hit a few bookstores and ChickfilA. One the way home, my check engine light came on. Later we watched Monk.

Saturday Will’s team won. They give out two MPO awards. Connor and DJ got it for the JV, and Kara and Danielle for the varsity girls later that night. After the JV Girls won earlier, instead of naming Kara and Danielle MOPs, they awarded defensive swarmer Audrey and young Hannah. That had to be a huge thrill for her and her family. Will’s teammate Joe, aka the Rocketman, helped out Sat nite at the NP fundraiser.

Matthew and I ran some errands, and that night Ceil and I went to Harrys. Sunday after NP Will and I practiced baseball. I saw parts of the NBA weekend all three nights.

At Sweet Tomatoes, especially where the hot stuff is, people are always cutting instead of going left to right.

Looks like the Braves want to sign Griffey, then see how much they have leftover for Glavine. It’ll be closer for Griffey to be with his family in Orlando. Interesting photo on the Office of young Junior in a Braves uni.

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