Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Mother's Day

Sunday I got the kids up early to fix Ceil breakfast. She had to be at church early to work in her 4-year old class. Anna worked with her and the boys went to the service with me...the kids didn't go to Sunday School. We all went to the children's service, then hustled to the north point mall p.f.chang to beat the crowd. They were hustling because it would be so busy all day, so the service was good and quick. People were waiting, I guess without reservations, because there were a few unoccupied tables.

Ceil wanted to go to Perimeter Mall, so that was our next stop. On the way home we stopped by Bruesters and Starbucks. Then Will and I got the oil changed and car washed, got our hair cut, and ran by Old Navy, Home Depot, and Kroger...it was a day full of errands. We caught the Braves on the radio, and at the car place.

Another nice comeback for the Braves last night. Seems like the thing to worried about is the starting pitching, with Davies going on the DL, Sosa struggling, etc. Hopefully Horacio can come back and make an impact.

Notes from earlier days...Seems like Jordan was already getting most of the playing time, since he was going so well. Adam played Sunday because it was a day game after a night game, and the pitching matchup was right. Cox will keep playing it the same way. If LaRoche goes on a hot streak, they could always trade him down the road. Interesting comments in the paper about his decisions on medication. I always figured he was like Horner, in that no matter how hard he played, he looks like he is coasting. Wasn’t Ruth like that?

I'm no fan of Rathburn. Interesting weekend with the Braves. Francoeur's walk-off grand slam, which I missed, and LaRoche's gaffe. May be another nail in his coffin. With Brian Jordan hitting so well, that may keep Jurries in the minors longer. They may have lost, but they'll be ok if they can go back to winning most series.

Watching the Braves last week, a Marlin had an unorthodox stance. Matthew criticized it. Seven back playing more road games than anyone…not bad. Hear Cox say that even too many home games can sometimes also be bad? The announcers were laughing about that last night. But there is some truth in it, but it’s better that the opposite.

The designated driver signup booth is where I saw John Parkes. You get a free Coke, and a chance to win a warmup jacket. The same lady has been manning the booth at the Braves, Hawks, and Thrashers games for the last few years.

I like this sermon series…another topic that hits me where I live.

I'd kinda like to go to the China Exhibit opening on Friday, we'll have to see how busy things are. The in-laws are coming to town that day, and we have a bunch of cleaning up to do. Heard an ad on the radio for that China thing...it talked about the opening ceremonies and Carter and SPdL. Didn't know the choir was singing. I do remember Carter saying that Bush stuff at the funeral, and remember thinking to myself that that was him speaking his Democrat views...too bad it had to be at that funeral.

...Interesting hubbub in the AJC about the Hawks. Marvin may turn out fine, even better than the Josh’s...Joe Johnson is good too.… But Chris Paul is going to be real good for a long time.
...Got another temp in, and my pile is really decreasing, but it’s full time keeping her busy.
...Remember the final four contest, where you could win a basketball goal? Ceil won a basketball.
...I have to write about all the Cokes I won in a Winter Olympics contest.
...Will has a game tonight, his last scheduled game of the year.
...Friday small group was different, because a different guy led it. Nice to change things up every once in a while. The same couple always misses...my movie buddy.

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