Tuesday, September 06, 2005

labor day

SI ranked the ball parks…interesting the categories they chose…Braves got a 10 for the team. TB beat SF, LAD, and DET’s new stadium. Would be interesting to plot the scores on a spreadsheet…Mil was first with 51, Atl 44, and NYM a 27 for last.


Took the kids Saturday, missing the Griffey HRs on Fri and Sun. Macay McBride threw Will a ball. W had brought a Sharpie, but couldn’t get any of the rookies to sign there in the outfield during BP…no big surprise. Reitsma was big buddies with Sean Casey, the one who’d been upset about the trade. Farnsworth ran across the field to hug Mercker. Griffey didn’t take BP outside, but played, making one great play to turn a double into a single. After BP, we happened by Lemke and Stu, so W got Lemke to sign the ball. I wasn’t paying attention, and Stu signed the ball as well. Neither signed the sweet spot. A wanted autographs as well, so she got them to sign her ticket.

Then we made it to Tooner Field…not much there. M and A hit on those little fields, while W played the field. He didn’t realize it, but he pulled an unassisted triple play, like Frucal’s. I suppose it’s set up where it’s easy to turn often triple plays there.

Found seats in LF back behind the aisle, but M couldn’t see the scoreboard or fireworks, so we went to the upper deck, near the bottle. M and A wanted to sit at the top, so we played around up there for a while. Late in the game that seemed to be a popular couples spot. Never noticed the office windows there in LF, under all the 1969 – 2005 pennants, under the 755 club, behind the last row of the outfield bleachers. A couple of guys were in there working…one office had cubicles, another had a framed Boston jersey, bobbleheads, TV, etc.

Langerhans has been putting on a show, both in the field and on the bases...diving catches and going for the extra base. Think I've even seem him smile a time or two.

Had enough of Kolb. My expert friend thinks he won't be on the postseason roster. At least outings like Sunday's make that decision easier to make. The rookies were standing around in the OF during BP Saturday...McCann, Boyer, McBride, Francoeur, Johnson, Langerhans. Then Kolb walked up to join the group, it seemed the group dynamic changed.

Sat nite we got home from the Varsity late...we had watched Tech there until the half. There were TVs at the Ted tuned to the UGA game, so it was easy to keep up. C was watching Clemson when we walked in, so we had to watch that until the finish. Since Tech was winning, I stayed up...hopefully they can keep it going this week. Sounds like Calvin Johnson wants to stay at Tech to get his degree...though he may be the type to graduate early!

Stuck to the end of the Miami/FSU game last night, since both teams had used their timeouts. Didn’t do much this weekend besides that…saw Herbie again.

Had a great time at the baseball practice last week. C and I talked about it afterwards, and realize that playing for the Reds would be too big a burden for our family. While it would be great for W to be able to receive the best coaching and training possible, we feel that as a family we have many obstacles we need to place ahead of baseball, as much as W and I enjoy playing. I don’t see how our circumstances would change much by the spring. I always feel like I have to explain myself on things like this. C is quite whelmed, schooling our kids, and we still wonder if we’re meeting all the needs, particularly for our youngest. Often we’re stressed just to keep the Mt. Paran schedule!

24 has been showing reruns on one of the cable channels...soon it'll be time to get hooked again.

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