Tuesday, September 06, 2005


W’s new fall baseball team, the Dodgers, had an informal scrimmage against the other Pony team, and won 6 – 5.

W was the starting pitcher. After the leadoff hitter reached when the 1st-baseman dropped the throw, he retired the next three batters, striking out Justin Brookshire with a two-strike curveball. W threw five strikes and only two balls in the one inning he worked…faced 4…one K, one reached on E3…2 balls, 5 strikes.

In the second inning W played shortstop, and caught the 3rd inning.

W batted second in the order and hit the ball hard, but right at the shortstop. He also walked, took 2nd on a force out, took 3rd on an error, out trying to steal home.

You may remember my friend Lang, who we visited in NYC. Broke 100 for the first time yesterday and wrote about it here…


I’m not a huge boxing guy, but Cinderella Man was good. Boxing is only part of the story, also showing the guy dealing with bad times during the Great Depression…taking care of his family. While not at all a prideful man, Braddock had to greatly humble himself to provide and keep his family together. The violence and language seemed in check with the ring and era, certainly a more gentle and moving story than Rocky…no pounding ‘Eye of the Tiger’ soundtrack. At 2-1/2 hours, it turns the 9:45 show into a late evening! No chick flick, but I thought W might like it.

Hear the Earharts went to their neighborhood keg party last night.

Herbie review…made in the style of the originals, with some Buddy Hackett slapstick…updated to include NASCAR and today’s midriff-baring fashions.

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