Friday, December 02, 2005

Hot Stove

Things seem to be heating up with player movement. Did the Phillies overpay to get Gordon, out of desperation from seeing what the Mets and Yankees did? Guess overpay is a relative term. The closer market is way overpriced this year... it will be interesting to see who picks up Reitsma and Kolb after they are non-tenderedby Atlanta. The Mets do win/make the playoffs from time to time, and are as competitive as most teams. Wagner’s going there seems to go against some of the comments he made last year, but money talks…you can’t blame him for taking the money.

What's the status of the Marlins closer? Did he not have a good year last year? He's the veteran from Marietta by way of the Tigers, is he not? Probably not a fit for the Braves, as the Marlins would probably want too much for him… Todd Jones - I expect to see him playing for Atlanta next year - probably setting up Baez...I know two other Todd Jones’s, so I always think the reliever has a slightly different name.

Nice that JS is so patient. Would the Braves give up Marte for those TB pitchers? Wouldn't seem so. Everyone will be asking for Marte, but I only think JS will trade him in a Zito-type deal…even if JS and BC don’t think Marte is as good as his clippings (though hopefully he is).

Matthew was not happy when I told the family that there is a small chance that McCann could be traded. Not surprising to learn that Francoeur has a beard. He is the grand marshal of some Lilburn parade on the 10th.

We all also discussed where to go more last night. Ceil started off with Boston (later a child called out Maine, though the time we went to Boston we also tripped up to Arcadia), but she came around to SF. Anna wants to return to Chicago, but we could drive there.

Interesting article about the Hawks…could be a long season. They have several players…it would be nice if they could jell and improve over next year.

Small group tonight. After I mentioned to the leader we should try and plan better to avoid people missing, Ceil will be taking Anna to her ballet dress rehearsal. And we’ll miss the group party in two weeks as well.

More posted to my account and Ceil’s, but there’s another batch that should soon hit Ceil’s account. Another co-worker says his wife wants to collect cups…but he said he had a cup for me. Just made an afternoon run for the office, and dropped off a batch at the PO at the same time. I'm so far ahead of schedule, thanks to my co-workers, I'm having to buy less for me. I'll be out running around some this weekend, which makes Wendy's stops easier. Lots of good football on…I too am more interested in the SEC game. Rented 2 movies to watch sometime: Fever Pitch & Something's Got to Give.

Speaking of unis, I'm hooked on the uni watch column on…Paul Lucas. He seems to have a following, but returns most of the few emails I've sent. I had asked him something about facemasks, and he sent me a column he had written a few years ago. Guess you’ve already seen this on the Brewers ‘new’ Sunday unis...

Back in the 70’s Falcons safety Ray Brown broke his jaw, and played the rest of his career with a huge mask the likes of which I never saw worn by anyone else. I also liked that plastic shell the Buffalo safety worn during their Super Bowl years.

As few things as we have here, it’s always nice to get things cleaned up. I had the house looking half decent by the time Thanksgiving weekend was over…when we got out the decorations, I put a bunch of stuff in the attic.

The youngest flowergirl in our wedding is getting married new year’s eve in Columbia SC. Her sister got married a few years ago, and Matthew and Anna were in the wedding. Mother of the bride was a good friend of Ceil’s, so we’ll be on the road during the holidays. Since I’ll have to work the 28th and 29th, at least I’ll be making two trips to SC.

I didn’t do everything in the right order for month end yesterday, and didn’t enter an order until everyone else had gone home. It went on credit hold, and thanks to Sarbanes Oxley, I can’t release it any more, so I couldn’t invoice an $8000.00 surcharge at 100% profit. Not the end of the world, but I won’t wait til the last minute next time. My department is on track to break 100 million in sales for the first time in our nine year history…we’ve already passed last year’s record.

SI had an article on the youngest Clausen brother, finishing his junior year of high school ball at a small private school in California. They list the top HS QBs…#2 has committed to UGA and #4 to Clemson.

Fell into some Thrashers tickets…taking Matthew. Anna wants to stay home…her calendar is marked for tonight’s American Girl movie ‘Felicity’.

You might be interested in this…

At least now we won’t have to worry about Reggie Ball and GT football much longer this year, and hope the basketball team surprises us. As good a game as last year’s win over Illinois-Chicago was, getting beat by them this year was no surprise. Hopefully they’ll learn from it.

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