Thursday, December 22, 2005

Time to Shop!

Off tomorrow, and we drive to SC, coming back Tuesday, and I’m back here at work Wednesday and Thursday. Thinking of what we need to do to get away. We should be there by supper time, but I don’t see any way for us to get there by lunch.

Decided to try out for that sportswriter contest, and it’s much harder than I’d imagined. My hat is off to Lang. Everyone writes with such opinion, passion, and emotion…three things I lack. It's hard work and takes lots of time. There’s a lot of good writers going for it, so I’d think my chances to make the final cut of 16 are slim. One more thing to fill my schedule between now and New Years!

The Pratt signing surprised me as well…said he took less to stay in the NL East with the Braves. Guess they wanted a veteran. No one owns both an NFL and MLB franchise, but the Braves could do worse. I’d rather have Kasten…am I crazy?

After the Sunday Hawks game I snuck into the Braves Clubhouse Store and got Will a navy MURPHY # 3 tee…I didn’t like the replica…it doesn’t have the piping down the front. But it’s what he wanted. Would’ve gotten Matthew a McCann tee, but they only had adult sizes. Yesterday I got the red Braves jersey Will wanted, but I think at lunch I’m going to check a couple more places to see if there’s a nicer one.

Got a busy day today, will probably miss the lunch in the main office building. Yesterday I had to drag it out of a salesman that a 105,000 pound / $ 50,000.00 October shipment hadn’t been invoiced. No one in Birmingham cared that they were off 200,000 pounds / $120,000.

According to my count sheet I’ve hit 320 cups, but I reconciled the actual coupons/cups I haven’t sent in, and was about eight short of my count. The ones I’ve sent in have been slow to post, but every now and then another posting shows up. Guess they’ve been deluged with coupons, plus they probably have employees taking vacation. It’ll be hard to stop.

Finally watched Fever Pitch. Real good, but Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon seemed to be playing themselves…I saw them, not their characters. Would’ve been interesting to be at the game where they filmed her running across the field. Ceil thought it was ok. A coworker says Fun With Dick and Jane is great, and he also like The Family Stone. Looks like the Wallace & Gromit movie is in my future. So I was wrong about Calvin Williams!

Had to go downtown at lunch, and the whole way back got to listen to a good interview with Dominique on 790 the Zone. Ran into an old friend who said he’d take me to a Tech game.

Time for me to start my Christmas shopping!

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