Thursday, December 15, 2005

Stan Kasten

Who should buy the Braves? I think Turner, Blank, or Kasten would be good choices...they're all committed to winning. While many don't like Kasten, he put things in place to put the Braves on a roll. He seems to be focused on being the best, though he was never able to make the Hawks a winner (bad coaching and GM choices?).

Many don't like Stan because he doesn't detail negative things about his organization, instead remaining positive. The Falcons Jim Mora Jr is the same way, but he's pretty popular. It's not their job to inform the outside world of all the particulars of bad things going on with the team, contract negotiations, and potential free agents. Similarly, it's interesting how the whole Belkin thing played out. Now he's saying 'I told you so' about the Johnson trade. Seems too early to tell. Perhaps winning two games in a row will help them turn things around.

Still worn out from the weekend, but am feeling better now. Matthew was sick last week...said he had rabies. Then Anna got sick...both were feeling run down. As usual, it's December at work and everybody is slow...except me!

Like his parants, I too learn a lot about Lang from his articles. I think I actually remember that story about the shorts, for some reason. I had read his article Monday afternoon, then went home and read a similar article on, the Uni Watch...a guy Lang had told me about.

Yesterday a bigwig took my department to lunch at the Atlanta Athletic Club. We ducked in and saw all of Bobby Jones' trophies, which was neat.

Hopefully I'll take the kids down to the Saturday Thrashers game, and perhaps the Sunday Hawks game. It's the last of the summer reader program vouchers the kids got. Will's Sunday School teacher has offered us some Hawks tickets in January, but Will never goes to his class...every week he helps out in a four-year old class!

Stayed up late last night and watched Fever Pitch, the DVD filmed when the Red Sox won the Series. Real funny, but the guy lets the girl down several times before they make up at the end. Don't know if Ceil would really like it.

I was forwarded this message about a contest I'd love to win. From reading what's already out there, the competition looks tough.

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