Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sick Days

Back at work, yes. Feeling better, the drugs the doctor gave me are working well.

1. Yesterday when I called in sick, my boss said to get healthy because he was sending me to Houston. I thought that once I got the time frame that I might check the Rockets’ schedule. I knew a customer was going there to inspect our vendor……I wondered why several months ago the Carrier quality guy wanted to visit a particular vendor on a particular date. Guess the date…end of next week…the NBA All-Star game. Hopefully I can get a hotel and rental car. Wed & Thur won’t be as bad as later in the week. I’ll be in touch with Lang!

2. This morning I got a call from WSB…I won tickets to Saturday’s UGA/Tennessee game in Athens!

Emeril, the TV host whose guest is…
Isabel, whose husband is…
Lang, whose friend is…
Dave Murphy...me

This girl competing on The Big Break is married to a guy who works and golfs with my brother-in-law. The is the second ‘six degrees of separation’ TV event this week! So I’m closer to Emerial than that girl on the golf channel.

Kristina Tucker...big break golfer
Paul Tucker, her husband…works with…
Rusty Miller, my brother in law, sister of…
Ceil Murphy, my wife
David Murphy

Isabel Gonzalez Whitaker, my friend Lang’s wife, will be on Emeril tomorrow night at 8 pm, pushing the Latin entertaining book she co-wrote.

Wednesday was when I started feeling bad. Stayed home from work Thursday...in bed til 12:30 pm, and didn't do much the rest of the time.

Left late Friday, got to work at 9:30. Still felt bad...was taking Motrin. Ran some needed errands at lunch, then went home at 1:45pm. Took a nap, and ran kids around Friday night, making an appearance at our small group in between trips. I was falling into a pattern of getting a lot of rest, and eventually doing a little bit of housework to help out. Ceil's throat and ears started feeling bad Friday, unlike my achy joints and chest.

Stayed in bed Saturday morning, then took Matthew to his team's parent's meeting...indoors. Didn't have to do much except listen. Ceil did lots of housework and grocery shopping Saturday, so by the end of the day she was worse off. Will taught her Sunday School class while we slept in. She stayed in bed most of the day while I moved downstairs to watch old Super Bowl recaps on ESPN2. Stayed on the couch for the first half, then watched the rest of the game while folding clothes. Could've gone to either of two Super Bowl parties, but stayed at home.

Monday I got up and got ready for work, took all my stuff to the car, sat down, and realized I felt so bad that I shouldn't go. So I climbed back in bed. Ceil got up, she's at the doctor this afternoon. My doctor gave my three prescriptions and a blood test, said it wasn't the flu. I seem to feel a little better in the afternoons...if I stay in bed all morning!

Rothlisberger was on Letterman last night. Didn’t watch long enough to see the beard go. Why did Hines Ward say he was from 'Forest Park Georgia' instead of UGA when he was taped by ABC? I've heard players do that were supposedly out of favor with their university, but didn't know Ward had any problems with UGA.

Our bball goal had these plastic snap-on things that held the rim, that weren't good at staying on, so currently we're without a net. Wondering if duct tape would hold a net better/longer than other types of tape.

Aeon Flux wasn’t too bad…lots of flips and machine guns, but actually down deep it was a love story. Steve F, Scott, and Reid went…Reid stuck it out the whole time.

Will is playing Pony on McElwain's team. If they only have two pony teams, they could be ok. Malcolm McCray is a teammate, along with several other good players. Will is also a fill-in player for two Shaw Park travel teams...the 12 year old team and the 13 year old team. This past Saturday while Matthew was trying out, Will was playing a practice game and had a line-drive double off the fence. He's grown taller...it's almost like he's a different player. This year he needs to learn to use his size, especially throwing and pitching. Skip's instruction has certainly paid off with his hitting.

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