Saturday, July 08, 2006

Bad Rap on Francoeur

What SI is forgetting about JF’s “lousy” 30 HR/ 100 RBI pace…last year he was playing AA ball, and should be in Richmond this year. It’d be interesting to rank all the outfielders statistically to see how he ranks, to see all the outfielders below him. His value based on his low salary would outrank many higher salaried / low BA/OBP/HR/RBI outfielders. This doesn’t even include his defense, clutch-hitting, or hustle…makes me want to write a letter to the editor.

The same feature praised Giles, saying though he has low stats, he’s been hitting the ball at people. Nice that in the last 2 games, the people he’s hitting to are in the bleachers.

A few years ago I had plotted out the distances between MLB cities…it would be almost impossible to drive and see a game a day in a different city, even figuring possible two-game days in some areas.

I never plan on driving late at night for the same reason…I know I’d go to sleep. I’d like to not run the AC much just to get the MPG up, but it’ll be too hot for that. I’m also taking two extra batbags for some of the boys who are flying, and some other stuff. I like taking the trip and seeing the country…I usually make too many stops, so it takes me a long time. I’ll have to stay on the road more this time.

It would be neat to hit Gatlinburg sometime. I’ve driven to Jacksonville and Richmond twice, Little Rock, Chicago, Detroit, Ohio, Greensboro, and Memphis. Detroit was broken up, so this one to NY will be just as long or longer. Knew a guy that took a trip after college…drove a northern route to Seattle, down the coast, and home a southern route.

A driving trip to all the MLB parks would be interesting. It wouldn’t be worth it to try and see a game a day, and almost impossible anyway. Would take too long anyway.

There’s a nearby class A team near Cooperstown…Oneida Tigers, so I didn’t check Syracuse or Buffalo, and I don’t feel like trekking to NYC or Boston…both four hours away.

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