Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Wickman Trade

Nice trade…little downside, considering how loaded we are at catcher. JS could make another trade if another team bites, but there’s less desperation now. Less of a chance that Betemit will go now. Seems like the Indians were having a harder time justifying their end of the trade, saying they were weak at catcher, and that Wickman is a free agent at the end of the year. Sounds like he had a lot of charities up there, but it’s nice that he approved the trade.

I'm one Braves fan who hasn't given up hope. The Mets have learned how to win just this year, but with Pedro hurting thier pitching may not hold up, and they could lose ground. The Braves would have to stay hot and not have disasters like Friday night. At this point I'd be happy with the wild should be an exciting two months!

A 680 caller yesterday was talking about the high price the Reds paid for the two Nats middle relievers, but the guy was acting like the two were bums, when in fact at least one of the guys was pretty good. I guess guys just like to talk on the radio…I swear Chris Dimino doesn’t let people away with such uneducated comments.

Doing anything this weekend? I’ve been gone the last five weekends, so hopefully I can stick close to home. Ceil and Anna are halfway finished painting Anna’s bedroom. Once we get Will’s single bed set up in Anna’s room, we’ll put her old double bed downstairs in the bonus room, clearing out the play table and the other unused table.

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