Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Paper Airplanes

The last few weeks Matthew has been making different things out of paper, with scissors and tape. He’s made cars with wheels, computers, CDs, phones, people, different kinds of sea plants and creatures, etc. If he’s studying something in school, he’ll create it out of paper. Every day it’s something different…today it’s movie tickets.

Got out the tree last night. Didn’t take long for Matthew to start making paper ornaments and hanging them on the tree.

Last night I went to see "The Devil Wears Prada"...Glenn Close plays the villain very well, it was good and funny. Also lots of NYC and Paris street scenes. The Guardian looks good, with Kevin Cosner and Ashton Kutcher. Pirates 2 was good, except the ending was like The Empire Strikes Back…you know there will be sequel.

Sure would hate to see LaRoche go. Brayan Pena can hit for average, and there’s also D. Ward, but even together that doesn’t replace Adam’s defense and bat. You would have that closer/setup man, as well as Thorman and Salty, and that Hawaiian kid that jumped from Rome to Myrtle Beach. Perhaps JS thinks LaRoche can’t put up numbers like last year’s second half, year after year. Amazing that pitchers are so valuable these days that you'd consider trading an almost all-star first-baseman for a pitcher. Surely JS has other moves up his sleeve. Salty needs another year in the minors - or at least half the season.

Monday I worked on looking up answers to a quiz from the Uni-Watch web site, about old uniform details. I had some more looking up to do last night when I got home, but when I left work I left my answers on my desk. Like most tests, I procrastinated studying. Should've read my copy of Ball Four this past weekend. I got most of them, but had to guess on a few.. I figured several would ace the test.

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