Monday, March 05, 2007

Other Late February Happenings

Ate at that Bennett Street Micks a bunch. We never went to the one on Ptree not far from the Varsity, but occasionally went to the one at Perimeter, only once to Cumberland. The one in downtown Decatur was fun, but crowded. We also like the one at Underground, which was also convenient. We wore Micks out.

Houston is big and flat. Brantley and I went to a Houston’s, and the next night I ate with my college roommate. Andy dated his wife’s sister. Our office isn’t far from the Astrodome and Reliant Stadium…Brantley is staying right next to them. Not too far from Hobby Airport. Guess I’m not going to the Heat/Rockets game, or Houston vs. Tulane.

Friday I got to the field in time for most of Matthew’s practice. He may concentrate better at practice when I’m not there, though he knows he needs to go all out in games. The Pony guys didn’t hit and pitch Saturday when facing peers.

See the egg-breaking mythbuster at NPCC? That bearded guy used to be a recurring character at KidStuf…now he is one of the big youth leaders.

I painted Anna’s room, and will be repainting a lot of trim upstairs. Ceil got a new dresser at IKEA, and Will put it together. Hopefully we’ll get a lot done on our house between now and July.

I try and bone-up on SF several days a week. We’re not big planners, but I’ll try and have it all mapped out before we go…what we’ll be doing each day, etc. Giants tickets go on sale, so I thought I’d go ahead and buy for the section I want. Then I’ll book the lodging in April or May, so I’m not paying for everything at once. We also have the April Jekyll Island trip.

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