Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Boll Weevil Monument

On the way back from Destin, near Opp, I saw a sign for Enterprise. I wanted to make a detour to go see the Boll Weevil Monument. Remember Dr. Marsh used to talk about that? At Tech I had a roommate from Enterprise, who also attended SPdL…he was well familiar with that monument. I actually went home with him one weekend, but we didn’t see the monument…supposedly a favored spot with teens on dates.

Reid always plays these statistical games…baseball, basketball, golf. He’s making up a team of his favorite 25 players, and wants to me come up with 25 other players…to compete with his team. I don’t know his team yet, but have been listing my players. I don’t know many relievers and closers…any suggestions? Also any sleepers I may have forgotten about.

I’m really out of it these days with the Braves, especially the fill-ins. Is that rookie leadoff man a keeper? Seems like Cox is overusing some relievers (Boyer, Ohman) and underusing others (Stockman). Guess Gonzo is only going to be used in safe situations, which is good.

I’m pretty sure our neighbors have a contract on their house…haven’t seen any new possible new owners yet.

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