Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March 15 - 21

Flight, Will’s old basketball team, faired well last week at the national home school tourney in Oklahoma City . The 16U team just lost their first game, to the number one team in the country. They came in third place. The 18U team also did well. DJ, Connor, and Danielle were selected to play in the All-America game. DJ made first team. He scored 33 in one game this week. Isaac scored 27, a career high.

Another crazy day with EZGo. These days we do have more management involvement/awareness of issues and problems, unlike 2008. We still have a ways to go, but at least we have help….even though some co-workers don’t think so.

Will’s arm is still sore. Yesterday he was icing it after hitting off the tee. He’s never had great form, and the coach had him throw lots of curves last Saturday. JV’s play today (not Will), with a doubleheader Saturday. Next Tuesday is the big game against the Gwinnett Barons, who are loaded with seniors. Fun-loving Living Science sophomore Holt plays on the Barons, though I don’t know how much PT he gets.

Ceil found stuff to do all 3 nights, so I did laundry in front of the TV, when I wasn’t at the Saturday doubleheader. Didn’t get to Canoe after all…maybe this next weekend.

Worked late Friday, then ran before driving home. Saw “The Time Traveler’s Wife”, which was good. Went to bed early Sunday night.

Several mistakes prolonged the agony Saturday…third-baseman tried to tag the runner coming from second, and missed. He could’ve thrown to second to start a double play. He also got picked off first. One catcher missed perfect throw home from left-fielder. Throw had beaten the runner by 15 feet. Same catcher ate a bunt, hesitating. Had a play at third or first. The other catcher kept dropping pitches when a runner was stealing, like last week. They keep saying Will is moving to catcher, then nothing changes. Shortstop Ian, the best hitter and fielder, sits because he’s a freshman. Saturday he played second.

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