Friday, June 17, 2011

Hail at the Ballpark

When we got in the long dollar ticket line around 4:40 I posted on Facebook that we were at the Braves game. John Parkes was just ahead of us in line. Just after we bought our tickets, they sold out of the dollar tickets. During Batting Practice the temp was still in the 90’s, but then it started to cool off.

Being down at the Braves game, I didn’t realize how bad the storms were. Around 7 pm they put the tarp on the field, well before the rain started. Game didn’t start until after 8:30. Then there was a second delay, during which we left. After stopping at the Howell Mill Taco Bell, we were almost home by the time the game resumed at 10:50.

Got a text from Mary-Clayton…she was coming to the game with the Hurts. Matthew and I stood around during the delay and talked to the Hurts. Then it started to hail…so much you could see the accumulation in the outfield grass.

David was in rare form. When someone walked by wearing a box (to stay dry from the rain), David quipped “It was a gift!"

Here at work the high winds ripped a big hole in our warehouse. Ceil said the storms were bad at the house, but there wasn’t a huge amount of debris.

Thursday night I took Matthew down to Buckhead for a Passion youth activity. JJ and Connor were there. Brett Yonker was wearing a Braves cap, and recognized Matthew’s as a Crackers cap.

Thursday the Braves had the lead thanks to Chipper’s 5 RBI and Shafer’s 5 hits, but needed a Conrad HR with 2 out in the bottom of the 9th to send it to extra innings. With 2 out in the 11th Diory doubled and took third on Shafer’s infield single. With Heyward up the pitcher balked, ending the game.

Friday night Ceil is going out to eat for Nancy’s birthday. Ceil and Anna are attending a baby shower for Margaret on Saturday. In July Mary and Ceil are hosting a couple’s baby shower for her.

In the White House photo above, Matthew rocks my old Atlanta Black Crackers cap. The Braves wore this cap last month in the Civil Rights game.

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