Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Timeline: Washington Vacation


Leave home at 8 am, stop at Dunkin Donuts for Ceil.

Arrive in Anderson at 10 am. Stop at Raceway for gas, where we see M. Ceil rides with D, M and K rides with me and M, A rides with R and E. McDonalds lunch. Drive north through Lynchburg and Charlottesville, through horse country. Arrive in Fredericksburg at 6:30.


Mt. Vernon…arrive just after 9 am.

Mansion…we had 9:50 am tickets, but we were let in at 9:30, before line formed. Back with Will the line stretched out for 30 minutes, under the trees. When we exited mansion there was a long line of tour bus kids going in.

Grounds…sketch, graves, dock, crops, sheep, pigs. Mt. Vernon Museum.

Drive to Washington, run into traffic, turn down mall, finding parking space. Hot dogs.

White House & Visitor’s Center…a real beehive on the grounds.

Museum of American History…ruby slippers, Fonz’s leather jacket, Muppets, first ladies, Michael Jackson’s fedora.

Museum of Science and Nature…big elephant, blue whale…and all about evolution. Ice cream, and my lunch. Bad traffic leaving downtown

Arlington National Cemetery…JFK, RFK, Teddy, Jackie, and their two infants. Arrived just in time to see the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Leave at 5 pm, but make great time home. Lasagna, then we drive downtown for Carl’s ice cream.


Ceil goes to UVA with D and E for appointment, lunch.

Breakfast: CFA biscuits, Gatorade. We take the Metro train, arrive at 9:30 am.

Library of Congress. Take tunnel to new Capitol Visitor’s Center.

Capitol Tour…not as extensive as the first one I took. Coffin platform used for the 16 who laid in state, 100 statues, including Sacajawea.

Supreme Court…I remember the spiral staircase from last time. Walk around capitol, ate hot dogs.

Air & Space Museum.

Walk to Bureau of Printing and Engraving…get 3 pm tickets, but don’t go.

Forestry Museum…Smokey Bear.

Board train at 2:30, get home at 4:40 after stopping for gas and Taco Bell. Grill chicken.


Breakfast: CFA biscuits, Dunkin Donuts coffee. Drive in to Washington, fighting traffic, drop CAM at Spy Museum. Park at Jefferson Memorial…construction makes the walk longer. Notice police have stopped traffic, I wait at one shady spot, then walk up hill…and see the president! Walk back to Spy Museum, talking to Pops on phone. Panini’s at sandwich shop.

House Where Lincoln Died was closed…under renovation.

Ford’s Theater…ranger dressed as chief of police talks to us. Museum downstairs has the clothes Abe was wearing that night.

Old Post Office…stamps, ice cream.

Archives…wait in long line. Ceil sees someone she knows from Veritas.

Washington Monument…arrive early to pick up tickets, get let in early.

WWII Memorial…baby ducks swimming in the fountain.

CAM to Vietnam and Lincoln Memorial (reflecting pool drained, being renovated). I walk back, see FDR Memorial.

Drive to Verizon Center. Eat at Chipotle. Walk thru Chinatown, see Surrant House, now a Chinese restaurant. Drive past Union Station. Leave there after 8 pm, arrive home at 9:10.


Ceil stays with D again. MA and I leave at 8 am, long drive to Baltimore.

Fort McHenry. Good video ends with playing of national anthem. Lady in scooter stands, smacks kids to stand and take off hats. Screen rises, to reveal actual banner flying over fort. Ranger says it’s the smallest flag, due to early morning weather. We walk to fort and look around, then rangers recruit everyone to help put up the 17 x 25 foot banner - after first making a long speech. The scooter lady pitches in. Walking back, we think it would be funny to stand outside video window to surprise people as screen reveals flag. Before we leave we help jump the battery of a van of home-schoolers from Maine.

Eat at Subway, buy a $7 Orioles BP jersey at Goodwill. Walk around Inner Harbor, see USS Constellation and submarine. Drive past Camden Yards, then sit thru many stoplights journeying 3 miles to Charm City Cakes…in a bad neighborhood.

Drive to Dulles, to Air & Space Museum…not overwhelmed. Shuttle, Concorde, Enola Gay, Apollo, Mercury, Gemini, tower, etc. Arrive just before 3, leave just before 4 pm.

Traffic bad, but GPS helps me find Myron’s back way home. Anna gets book at Borders. Watch Swamp People on History Channel. Kids stay up late watching movie.


Pack up and leave around 9 am, and drive to Richmond. Stop at Dunkin Donuts, then Chickfila for directions.

Lunched with Brett & Donna at mall food court. Left mall at 1 pm and hit several bad traffic patches on the drive to Charlotte. Traffic forced us to sup in Concord, at Firehouse Subs. On the other side of Charlotte we made a quick stop at a rest stop.

Arrived home just before 11 pm, after stopping for gas in Roswell. Averaged 40 MPG on the trip.

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