Friday, July 29, 2011

Used Cars

Joel just bought an old Jeep and drove Kara up to visit Will. When it overheated there was no one to fix it in Ellijay on a Sunday. At WalMart they didn’t work on radiators, but they gave me the number of a guy named Bear. He couldn’t work on it, so we went to AutoZone to ask them. They said to call a guy named Bear.

We had seven in the Civic going back to camp, and six going back to Atlanta. When we got to the Normans we saw David, who had to fly back from Nevada because their car broke down on their California road trip. Josiah is headed back to get his car after another camping trip. He had just bought it. Makes me look forward to buying Will a used car in the next few weeks.

Its rumored that UGA will wear silver helmets against Boise State, like they wore under Wally Butts. Hopefully Cowherd will be wrong about Boise being under-rated…UGA needs the win. I’ll be at an all-day concert, and will miss almost all of it. Not sure that GT will have a good year at all. No QB, and I doubt they’ll let the freshman play. With their easy schedule they COULD be 7-0 going into the Miami game, but they’ll be lucky to win half their games.

Computers: Anna got an iPad, which everyone seems to love these days. They’re quite mobile. Email, internet, book-reader, TV remote, musical instrument, etc. Not that I know how to use one. Our home internet has been down most of the week. AT&T says a storm knocked out lots of modems. A new one was supposed to arrive yesterday, but didn’t.

I wouldn’t ever listen to music…I like the sports talk or books on tape. Clark Howard always says to watch out for debit cards, so I just have a plain ATM card.

At Margaret’s baby shower at the Hurts, David kept the Braves game on the TV…even when we were all sitting in the TV area watching Margaret open her presents! And while this was going on, David, Bob Marsh, and I were talking about the Braves. Can’t believe Mary didn’t say anything.

No Passion City Church this week, so Sunday won’t be so hectic.

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